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The International Mango Festival Delhi

The International Mango Festival Delhi is greatly enjoyed and celebrated by all communities in the month of July. It is organised in Talkatora Stadium and marks the advent of the mango season in Delhi. 1365 varieties of mango and their pickles are offered for sale as India also happens to be the largest producer of Mangoes in the world.

This festival showcases exceptional species of mangoes like Banganpalli, Himasagar, Kensington, Neeleshwari, Neelam, Raddy Pasand, Royal SP, Suwarn, Sirki, Alphonso, Dushehari, Kesar, Langra, Nazuk Badan, Papitiyo, Sensation and Tommy Atkins. Unique species like Abdullah, Aishwarya, Bombay Green and Ramkela are taken from the nursery of Kaleemullah Khan and another rare variety called Gula is taken from Purkazi town in Muzaffarpur. Mango Quiz and Eating competitions are also held.

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