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Education in Delhi

Education in Delhi and its Education System have seen an immense change and growth through the years with changes in the curriculum and courses offered by various Institutes and Schools. Education is made easier and less strenuous as compared to the yester years with the advent of matriculation examination offered as an option rather than a must-do. The new concept of ‘SmartClass’ has also been widely accepted in the Capital City and the Country that works towards providing innovation solutions in solving problems relating to the quality of Education offered in thousands of Schools through the use of digital innovation and technology to enhance the learning experience and retention of any course being taught.

Delhi Education at a Glance

Delhi has greatly evolved as one of the best Seat of Learning in this modern era. It homes the best of Educational Institutes that have provided students with a foundation for a better lifestyle and job prospects. These Institutes by themselves have evolved and developed to an extent that they attract innumerable Students from across the Globe. The ‘National Capital Territory of Delhi’ Government is the governing body that looks into the educational affairs in the Capital city.

Delhi offers education in the field of Sciences, Medicine, Technology, Business Management, Accountancy, Law, Media, Communication, Journalism, Fashion Technology, Arts and Craft, Performing Arts and many more that provide students with the best educational experience in India. Students who have earned their degree or diplomas from these world renowned Institutes in the city are always a preferred choice of all the Multi-National Companies.

New Delhi homes a pool of Institutes, Schools and Universities with International and National repute in various streams that offer a wide range of academic and research programs coupled with the best lodging facilities especially for International Students and Scholars.

Delhi has witnessed an exhilarating growth over the past few years in the field of Education with a number of new and better Colleges and Research Institutes being established in the city. Since the Capital City is an ‘Education hub of India’, it produces the best and the cream of a great pool of talented students every year. It houses large Campus Universities, Colleges and Schools that doesn’t require competing with the rest of the world due to its excellent coaching standards and strenuous level of assessment. The quality of education that is being imparted in all the educational Institutes in Delhi is known as the best and of very high standards, hence, resulting in providing a better, more effective, efficient and Intellectual workforce in the City, Country and the entire World with great minds working together and collectively towards churning a better economy for India.

Delhi also homes the best educational facilities for Primary, Secondary and Higher education with Institutes like the All India Institute of Medical Sciences or ‘AIIMS’ in short considered as the best Medical and Research Institute in Asia, The Indian Institute of Technology or ‘IIT’ in short which is considered as the Best IT Institute in Asia and the Indian Institute of Management or ‘IIM’ which is considered amongst the Top 5 Business Management Institutes in the World. Other than these Top reputed Institutes, the city has also seen an increase in the number of Engineering and Business Management institutes that have emerged in a span of five years alone.

Amongst the Universities, ‘The University of Delhi’ or ‘DU’ in short and ‘The Jawaharlal Nehru University’ or ‘JNU’ in short are considered as the best educational preferences in India. These Universities attract millions of Research Scholars and Exchange Students from all across the world who visit the University only for Research and other educational purposes. Besides these, the city also homes various Private Institutes that are run by Private Bodies and are certified, affiliated and acknowledged as per the Norms and Permission of the State Government. A survey conducted in 2001 reports that Delhi alone homes 2,416 Primary Schools, 715 Middle or Junior High Schools and 1,576 Senior Secondary Schools. The Higher Level of Educational Institutes consists of 131 Colleges that is inclusive of 5 Medical Colleges, 8 Engineering Colleges, 5 Universities, 7 Deemed Universities and One Open University which is ‘IGNOU’ or the ‘Indira Gandhi National Open University’.

Besides the Private Schools and Colleges, The State Government of Delhi also has its share of Colleges in the Education System. It runs and supervises 28 Government Colleges of Delhi that includes 12 Colleges that are completely funded by the Government of Delhi and 16 Colleges that are managed together by the Delhi Government and ‘UGC’ or ‘University Grants Commission’ of India [which is the only grant providing agency in the country that has been vested with two responsibilities. One is to provide funds and the other is to coordinate, determine and maintain the educational standards in Institutions offering Higher Educational courses]. The ratio of recurring expenditure of UGC versus the Delhi Government is 95:5 whereas the ratio of non-recurring expenditure is 50:50.

Delhi is also known to have one of the highest Literacy rates in the Country reporting @ 81.2% of the entire population. All Private Schools prefer and insist on English as the medium of study, however, all Government Schools still prefer Hindi as the medium of study. All the Courses, Curriculum and Examinations held in these Schools are governed by the Governing bodies of the State Government of Delhi wherein the Schools are either affiliated to the Central Board of Secondary Education [CBSE] or the ‘Indian Council of Certificate Examinations’ [ICSE] Board of Education and Examination.


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