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Libraries in Delhi

Delhi, as one knows, is probably one of those few metropolitan places to home some of the oldest libraries and best collection of books, documentaries and the likes of it in this country. They are dotted across the entire city and almost all of these Libraries provide a wealth of knowledge and opportunities for knowing past experiences and learning new ones to its citizens.

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Traditional Libraries house a collection of resources, sources and services within a building or home and is generally maintained by an Institution, a Public Body or Private Individual. It is placed in an organized way for use and reference purposes. The reading materials are enriched with a variety of topics, subjects found in books, Articles, Journals, Documents, Newspapers and many more.

Before the advent of Radio or Television, the only true friend and companion of people has been the Library. Books have always been a source of leaning and attaining knowledge for mankind. In medieval times, Libraries have assisted people in knowing about their evolution and pre-historic moments that have helped us build a better place allowing for more comfort and urbanisation. Books nurtured in their home libraries have always been very instrumental in opening new ideas, opportunities, vistas of knowledge and understanding for their readers.

Today, most Libraries have been digitized for the convenience of its readers owning to the fact that we all are living in the 21st Century. They mark as an access point and repositories for audio, visual and printed materials in varied formats both traditional and electronic such as maps, documents, audio-books, audio tapes, CDs, DVDs, microfilms, cassettes, videotapes, video games, e-books and many other formats. One can also access the electronic resources and the Internet in a Public Library.

Modern libraries provide the public with unrestricted access to information and extend services by offering public facilities, assistance of the librarians to access materials via their electronic means, navigating and analyzing a gamut of information by use of a variety of digital tools.

Libraries in Delhi hold a massive collection of books and encyclopaedia on varied field of study and knowledge such as Astrology, Bio-Chemistry, Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Computer Science, Economics, Engineering, Fiction, Geography, History, Information Technology, International Relations, Language and Linguistics, Literature, Medical Science, Nature Science, Palmistry, Philosophy, Physics, Political Science, Religion, Science, Social Science, Zoology and many more.

Libraries in Delhi serve as an invaluable source of information to the various professors, students, researchers and management graduates. These libraries offer a wide variety and an assortment of books, journals and other reading materials found in many languages such as Hindi, English, Urdu, Sanskrit and other Indian & Foreign Languages. Libraries hold a robust and diverse collection of books, documentaries, journals, manuscripts, articles, newspapers, thesis, experiments, case studies and many more that surely attracts a number of book worms or book lovers across the city.

Libraries can be categorised according to their entity such as Academic Libraries, Corporate Libraries, Government Libraries, Historical Society Libraries, National Libraries, Private Libraries, Public Libraries, School Libraries and Special Libraries; or by according to the type of materials they hold such as Data Libraries, Digital Libraries, Map Libraries Or Collections, Picture (Photograph) Libraries, Slide Libraries and Tool Libraries; or according to the Subject such as Aquatic Science Libraries, Architecture Libraries, Fine Arts Libraries, Law Libraries, Medical Libraries and Theological Libraries; or according to the end user or reader such as the Military Communities and Users Who Physically or Visually Challenged.

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