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Delhi is known for its spirited lifestyle owing to the number of Festivals, Marriages, Anniversaries and other events held in this City. Every month witnesses some or the other Festivity and Celebrations being held ranging from religious events to cultural events and live performance art shows, Theatre, College Fests and so forth.

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Owing to these events, Delhi witnessed a sudden increase in the number of venues being constructed to accommodate these celebrations including Marriage & Reception Venues and Party Venues. These venues are equipped with indoor and outdoor facilities to host a number of diverse events.

Marriages especially are deemed as a very important event in the lives of Indians. Every family dreams of a perfect fairy tale like marriage and reception for their children and so does every girl and boy desire for such royalties if it can be afforded.

In earlier days, marriage venues were generally held in houses, tents or Temples; if there was ample space within the Temple premises. People did not care much about where the venue was but cared more about the expensive decorations, the ornaments, clothing, exchange gifts between the groom and bride’s family members, strictly following traditions and religious aspects and spending as lavishly as possible in order to boast of their wealth and pride.

Recent years and the effect of the ever growing expenses have suddenly changed the way people in India look at Marriages & Receptions or Social Gatherings. The rich may not be affected at all; however the upper middle class, middle class and lower class of the working category of people are being forced to look into cheaper and more affordable options to host such events. Though most of the Indian Families still try to boast of their wealth that in turn gives a boost to their pride even if they may need to completely empty their bank accounts and life’s savings, a few do weigh their options and prefer not spending lavishly if the same can be achieved by following a more logical method, early planning and smart budgeting. The ‘Venue’ for a wedding and reception or party is then decided based on the budget or the amount of money that an individual can afford during this expensive age.

Wedding season in Delhi witnesses the maximum rush and more affordable venues being booked as rapidly as possible owing to the individual getting a good deal in the catering services, décor, lighting, convenience facilities and other amenities offered by the Venue Rental Companies.

Delhi is dotted with a number of such Marriage & Reception Venues that also host parties and social events hence offering you with an informed choice to book your venue according to what fits your pocket, needs and requirements. Most of these venues also offer services that allow you to tailor your requirements and need according to your budget. The venue owners and representatives also offer Wedding Planning Services or Party Planning Services that comes at an extra cost for those who can afford.   

Party Venues & Marriage Venues can range from 5 star Hotels to Deluxe & Luxury Hotels, Banquet Halls, M C D Parks, Farm Houses, Open lawns and designated areas owned by the Rental Companies themselves. Choose from the list of Venues that have been placed on the left hand panel of this website by clicking on individual links for more information on each one of them and make the most of the ceremony or party and also ensure that the special day in your life is a memorable one for all times.

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