List of Gates in Delhi

Fifth City Gates in Delhi

The Fifth City of Delhi named 'Firuzabad' was founded by Feroz Shah Tughlaq of the Tughlaq dynasty on the banks of the Yamuna River in 1351. This city had extended from the Northern Ridge of Old Delhi up till Hauz Khas in South west of Delhi.

The Fort around the fifth city was built in a simple style and plain architecture with a citadel named Feroz Shah Kotla and three beautiful Palaces within. The Private Chambers of the Sultan and his wife face the river while the other structures seen in this enclosure are the armouries, barracks, Halls of Private and Public audience, Servant quarters, a Mosque, a Private Bath, a Public Bath, a 'Baoli' or a 'Well' with steps till the bottom and an Ashoka Pillar imported from Topara in Ambala seen mounted on a three tiered pyramid shaped structure.

Surprisingly, the fort was constructed without any definite or elaborate Gates that is worth mentioning but did have an entry and exit point for the Royal Family and its inhabitants. Ruins of this city can still be visible in Feroz Shah Kotla that lies east of Connaught Place next to the main Ring Road and made famous after a cricket stadium was established here where numerous national and international cricket series were organised.

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