Greater Kailash

Greater Kailash, also referred to as ‘GK’ in short, is an elite and posh colony in South Delhi that also homes several Shopping Complexes. This region is home to expensive and palatial Bungalows and the real estate prices are comparatively very high, hence, luxurious houses, latest fashion trends, energetic crowd and exuberant shopping complexes is what aptly defines the GK Colony.

Greater Kailash (GK) is divided into four zones and named as ‘Part I’, ‘Part II’, ‘Part III’ and ‘Part IV’. Of these four sub divisions, Greater Kailash Part I was the first to be developed back in the early 1970s subsequently followed by the more renowned and visited Greater Kailash Part II that can easily be accessibility via the Outer Ring Road of Delhi.

Greater Kailash Part III came up later and extends right from the Outer Ring Road up to the ‘Jahan Panah’ Park. It was originally named as ‘Masjid Moth’ which has no relations to the ancient ‘Masjid Moth’ situated near South Extension. In 1983, it was then renamed as ‘Greater Kailash Part III’ by the State Government in order to avoid confusion with the other ‘Masjid Moth’ and still remains an unpopular zone amongst the Locals. Earlier, for a period of 30 years, entry into GK III was via the Outer Ring Road, however, this entry point has been closed now for the past 10 years and the new entry point is from ‘Savitri Cinema’ which has an entrance route just after crossing Greater Kailash Enclave II situated opposite the old Savitri Cinema Complex.

Greater Kailash Part IV is the latest and most recent addition to the zones of GK which most people are not aware of. It encompasses an area named ‘Alaknanda’ [former name] situated just behind Greater Kailash Part II and consists of Apartment Style Flats that are named after famous and Holy Rivers of India like the ‘Godavari’, ‘Yamuna’, ‘Jamuna’ and so forth.

Alaknanda, now a part of ‘Greater Kailash Part IV’, homes one of the renowned All-Boys English-Medium Convent Schools named ‘Don Bosco School’ that was established in 1980 and run by the ‘Salesians of Don Bosco’ which is an organisation over 150 years old. The most prominent clubs of the school are ‘Syntech’ and ‘The Think Ink Club’.

Greater Kailash Part I homes one of the most popular Markets in Delhi named as the ‘M-Block’ Market that encompasses a wide range of branded showrooms such as Adidas, Artileore, Bizzare, EDC, Esprit, Giovani, La Coste, Lee, Next, Puma, Reebok, Sisley and so forth. It also homes several retail outlets, fashion houses, designer wear, Jewellery and accessories shops.

If you wish to experience an invigorating Nightlife, then Greater Kailash is a place to be as it homes numerous world class Restaurants, Pubs and Bars, swanky nightclubs and discotheques; all serving exquisite variety of cuisines and beverages accompanied by foot-tapping music.

Greater Kailash also encompasses other areas such as Chittaranjan Park, which was established during the late 1960s to accommodate migrants who had fled from East Pakistan during the Partition of India in 1947. It was earlier known as ‘EPDP Colony’ or ‘East Pakistan Displaced Persons Colony’ and was later renamed as ‘Chittaranjan Park’ in the 1980s in honour of a prominent freedom fighter and lawyer named ‘Chittaranjan Das’.

Chittaranjan Park Colony is divided into 2,147 plots with eleven blocks named from ‘A’ to ‘K’. Later, in the 1990s, further plots were added that resulted in the establishments of new blocks named ‘M’, ‘N’, ‘O’, ‘K-1’, ‘K-2’, ‘Pocket 40’ [Navapalli] and ‘Pocket 52’ [Dakhinpalli]. This Region also border areas like Kalkaji, Greater Kailash I and II, Alaknanda and Govind Puri. The Chittaranjan Park Market is famous for its Bengali Sweets, Freshwater Fish and numerous eating outlets that serve Kolkata style street food and is a must try.

Greater Kailash is well connected by road and has numerous auto rickshaws, Taxi cabs and buses that ply in and around this region and are easily available on hire to other parts of Delhi. It is also well connected by the recently completed and functional Metro Link in South Delhi that links this region to other areas in the City.

The Indira Gandhi International Airport is approximately 21.2 Kms or 45 minutes away from Greater Kailash whereas the IGI Domestic Airport is just 15.2 Kms or 38 minutes away. The Nizamuddin Railway Station is approximately 6.2 Kms or 21 minutes away whereas the New Delhi Railway Station is situated 12.3 Kms or 32 minutes away and the Old Delhi Railway Station is situated just 14.8 Kms or 44 minutes away.

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