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Delhi Festivals in June

Father's Day

Father's Day is another celebration that was added to the list of festivals in Delhi that falls on the third Sunday of June. Like Mother's Day, this day is dedicated to the fathers for their role as the head of the family. Children show their appreciation by pampering their fathers and gifting them with a nice gift and it is just a way of showing a simple courtesy, gratitude and love to their fathers for always being there for them.

Rath Yatra Delhi

Rath Yatra is a major Hindu festival dedicated to Lord Jagannath or Lord Krishna held mainly at Puri in Orissa State but is also celebrated religiously in Delhi. This festival falls in June during the monsoon months which commemorates the day when Lord Jagannath visited his aunt's home. Three deities namely Krishna, Balarama and Subhadra are ardently worshipped and three 'Chariots' or 'Raths' of these Deities are newly constructed, richly and beautifully decorated and taken around the streets so that everyone can enjoy a view of it including non-Hindu devotees, tourists and foreigners as they are not allowed within the Temple premises only on this day.

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