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Delhi Festivals in November

Children's Day

Children's Day is when the entire country celebrates the gift of Children. On this day, parents, teachers and other pay a tribute to the innocence of Childhood. It is also the birthday of Pundit Jawaharlal Nehru, who was the first Prime Minister of India and after his death in 1963, this day was dedicated to children in memory of him as he had great affection and love for children. Kids lovingly call him 'Chacha Nehru' or 'Uncle Nehru' and the trend of children pinning a rose to your jackets was started when a child did so on Pundit Nehru's jacket. The day is filled with cultural activities managed by students only and it is the day when children remain stress free from the baggage of studies, exams and homework.

Guru Nanak Day

Guru Nanak Dev was the founder of the Sikh faith and born in the Hindu month of Kartik which falls on October and sometimes in November. This day is celebrated as 'Guru Nanak Jayanti' to commemorate the Guru's birthday [1469 AD] with great devotion and respect. In Lahore, this festival is known as 'Guru Purabs'. Early morning processions called 'Prabhat Pheris' starts from the Gurudwara and carries along community towns accompanied by hymns and headed by the five armed guards representing the 'Panj Pyares' who carry the Sikh Flag. For three days, the 'Guru Granth Sahib' holy book is read continuously without a break accompanied by Special Kirtans. Free community lunch called 'Langar' with the traditional 'Karah Prasad' and sweets are distributed to everyone irrespective of religion, caste or creed.

Thanksgiving Day

Thanksgiving Day is celebrated by Christian across the world to thank God for everything that he has provided them with. While God has given human beings so much and sometimes it is forgotten and hence, the 26th of November is dedicated to only thanking and honouring God. People from other religious sects are also invited to participate. Members of all the family and invited friends gather together to celebrate this day accompanied by the chief highlight, which is stuffed roasted turkey, pumpkin pies and delicious desserts and exchange of gifts.

Qutub Festival of Classical Music and Dance

Qutub Festival of Classical Music and Dance is organised every year at the Qutub Complex in Delhi during October or November and attended by all and especially tourist who enjoy classical art forms. Classical dance and music are performed by elite and talented artists for three continuous days with the famous Qutub Minar forming the backdrop that only adds an old charm to the place and an ancient aura to the shows.


Bakr-Id is the feast of sacrifice also known as Idul-Adha and pronounced Idul-Azha in India. It is celebrated on the 10th day of the month of Dhu'l-Hijja that falls in the last week of November. An animal sacrifice is offered on the first day of the festival or at any time till the afternoon during the first three days only. The festival continues for four days and from the 9th morning to the 14th afternoon of the Dhu'l-Hijja month, when Muslims recite special praise and glory with prayers to Allah.

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