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Central Baptist Church

The Central Baptist Church is located just opposite Gurudwara Sis Ganj and prior to Fountain Chowk also known as the Bhai Mati Das Chowk and on the main Chandni Chowk Road which makes it easily approachable by local transport and from Delhi Main Metro Station.

The Central Baptist Church is known as the oldest and ancient Christian Missionary Church in the entire region of Northern India. Built during the 18th Century AD, the London Baptist Missionary Society or BMS in short acquired a small portion of land measuring a few acres from the Government in order to construct and establish a Baptist Mission Society and a Baptist Church in Delhi.

The Central Baptist Church took shape in 1814 and was designed in the typical European style of architecture with a blend of Mughal architecture seen with a Southern entrance that depicts a massive and deep porch supported by a series of thick circular columns that are impeccable arranged at regular intervals while the other three sides of the Church are adorned with high and double sized Verandas decorated with arched openings built in the shape of an inverted semicircle.

The Central Baptist Church is probably one of the most well maintained churches in Delhi owning to its age and is seen well kept in its original state with its colourful and intricate Carvings and beautiful Motifs still intact; however, the roof of the Church had to be renovated with stones and laid with iron beams and shafts to hold the structure in place and ensure its longevity. The Church also dedicates a section of its wall towards those people who devoted their entire life towards the Service of the Baptist Community and this Church. The Society also constructed a Primary School within the premises of this Church especially for children belonging to the Baptist Community; however, it also invites any student from other communities.

The Central Baptist Church is literally filled to the brim every Sunday with devotees accompanied with sweet and musically mesmerising Church Hymns sung by Choir members and prayer offerings. The Church is elaborately decorated with colourful and bright decor and lit up with colourful lights during annual events and festivities considered as a Grand occasion for all the members of the Baptist Church Community and Society. The Church also celebrates cultural and social events with great pomp and pride filled with Choir Hymns and Rejoicing with God on a frequent basis throughout the year whose detailed information and schedule can be obtained from the Local Church Authorities and the Office of the Church of North India that is situated on Pandit Pant Marg (Road).

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