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General Dos and Don'ts Guidelines for Tourists in Delhi

  • Prior reservations for accommodation and transportation facilities should be done well in advance to avoid last minute hitches and uncertainty before arriving at the City. Do remember to confirm your travel itinerary and flight details especially the flights that originate and terminate within India itself.
  • The best time to visit Delhi is from the months of October up till March because the months from April to July can get extremely hot and unpleasant for any visits while August to September are monsoon months. However, be forewarned, if you still decide to visit Delhi during these months and do carry an umbrella, bottle of mineral drinking water and a good sunscreen lotion.
  • Ensure that you have a good amount of Indian currency change as this would avoid you from paying more than the actual price.
  • While shopping in open market areas, be wary of touts and agents who are only out there to fleece you. Trust your own instincts and judgement and ensure that you bargain as most of the prices are generally hiked up except in upscale Shopping Malls. Be aware of the existing price list of the products in advance and do not hesitate to confirm this from any educated Indian passerby shopping around the area.
  • If you feel hesitant, confused or lost, feel free to approach the nearest Police Station or a Traffic Policeman who is always available at the Road intersections or a Policeman moving around in Patrol Vans who will be happy to guide you.
  • Be warned of vagabonds, beggars and anyone who approaches you for alms or donations.
  • Keep your wallets and personal belongings safe preferably in a large bag or carry purse closest to your person. It is preferable not to carry any valuable stuff around when sightseeing, shopping or travelling in public transport other than your passport, medication (if any) and a few Indian currency and coins.
  • Keep away from the unauthorised tourist agents and 'Tourist Information Centres' near New Delhi Railway Stations as they are known for fleecing innocent and simple tourists and visitors.
  • Delhi has numerous open food vendors or joints catering from Chinese fast food (tempered as per Indian taste buds and hence is generally very spicy) to Indian Tandoori, Biryani and Naan bread hence, you may find the taste not befitting your palette. In such cases, it is recommended to try out Fast Food joints like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominos and Slice of Italy and so forth as the food is made as per International standards and will fit your palette.
  • It is recommended to by a book on simple phrases in the Indian language that will assist you in communicating with the local people, however, most of the vendors and shop keepers are well versed with the English language despite grammatical flaws but the spoken English is comprehendible. A good phrase to use is 'Your Country is really beautiful' and 'Your Child is really beautiful'. These phrases do win the hearts of Indian people and they will reciprocate with a warm smile.
  • Please ensure that you hire a proficient Tour Guide from an authorised Travel or Tourist Office along with a tour cab as services are included in the tour packages. Waiters and Taxi Drivers do expect a 10% Tip while Bell Boys do expect a Tip of Rs. 50.00 or Rs. 20.00 per luggage that they carry.
  • Tourists and Visitors especially females should never venture alone at night and if you do so, please ensure that you are with a local person whom you have known and can trust him/her implicitly and explicitly.
  • It is recommended to be patient when you are not getting what you need be it in a Hotel, Food Joint or Shopping Mall. Patience is a virtue and be reasonable if it takes a bit longer for things to happen.
  • The female travellers or tourists should dress appropriately though most are seen not doing so which encourages unwarranted situations. A proper T-Shirt and Jeans is a perfect wear while long skirts can also be worn. Please do not wear obscene clothes like low necklines and off-shoulder T-shirts with mini-skirts or short pants.
  • Please note that the favourite Sport of Indians is Cricket so be wary not to pass any unwanted or bad comments on any Indian Cricketer or the sports in itself as it may warrant untoward circumstances.

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