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Eating Joints in Delhi and NCR

India has always delivered very well when it comes to their authentic and high standard cuisines that have made a definite mark across the globe be it the famous Chicken Tikka Masala, Kormas or Kababs. Food has never been so exotic in its flavour and makes anyone want to taste more of such dishes from time to time.  Owing to the Capital City’s historical past, many cuisines follow a blend of Mughal, Turkic, Arabic, Indian and British styles of cooking that has been generously carried forward through to the current generation and successfully executed in taste and flavour thus making Delhi NCR a food paradise for vegetarians as well as non vegetarians.

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Delhi NCR definitely steps up when it comes to providing one of the most unforgettable dining experiences in the Country as the experience is not only unique but also touches the hearts of food lovers through their palates. Restaurants in Delhi NCR churn out one of the best and world renowned dishes that range from the finest haute cuisines served in world class Restaurants in Delhi NCR through to the spicy and Juicy Tandoori delights. These eating joints blend ancient cooking styles with modern day techniques to bring out the best of Indian cuisines and the best part is that these dishes are made to specifically suit the palates of everyone even if you are a foreigner vacationing in the Capital City of India.

Cuisines range from the spice and flavour filled food from Punjab and Lucknow to Authentic and Classic Mughlai dishes that once graced the royal kitchen of the Imperial Courts of the Delhi Sultanate and were savoured as speciality food meant to be enjoyed only by the Royals and no one else and South Indian food that emanates the sweet smell of coconut and curry leaves is definitely scrumptious and healthy, Hyderabadi cuisines are a must try for those food enthusiasts who love spices and a mouthful of strong flavours. Italian, Thai, Lebanese and Mexican dishes served at various eating joints dotted around the capital city has become an instant hit since its inception while Continental and Chinese dishes can be found in any Restaurant in Delhi NCR since they are the most popular food in the city. Kashmiri food leaves a memorable taste in ones palate due to its uniqueness in flavour and is absolutely delicious while Japanese cuisines deliver a complete contrast in flavours due to its simplicity and health conscious style of cooking and can be relished in world class Restaurants making this City a Gastronomic Capital of India.

Eating in Delhi NCR can be an experience in itself providing an unforgettable experience as it exudes the old world charm with Old Forts, Fortresses, Palaces and Historical delights lending a beautiful backdrop to various Restaurants that dot the city transcending one into a bygone era and at the same time getting to experience the modern services and hospitality of the Food Industry.

For those travellers who are not that conscious about eating street food, they must try the roadside snacks like Gol Gappa, Chaat Papdi, Aaloo Tikki, Samosas, Pao Bhaji, Chole Bhature and a number of non vegetarian delicacies that one can only find along the streets of crowded markets and by-lanes of Delhi. Chandni Chowk in Old Delhi offers an array of roadside eating outlets that serves a variety of Vegetarian and Non-Vegetarian Indian delicacies that taste great and very affordable in price.

Another popular style of enjoying North Indian and Tandoori dishes are the Dhaba style hotels which are constructed to look like those highway stopover eating outlets offerings delicious cuisines eaten with parathas, naan breads and pickles along with a massive glass of Lassi. Delhi NCR also features numerous International eating joints like McDonalds, Pizza Hut, Dominoes Pizza, Slice of Italy, KFC, Nirulas, Bistro, TGIF, Rodeos and many more that offer International standard fast food and Continental cuisines for tourists who are not too adventurous in terms of trying different kinds of food and prefer eating international cuisines that suits their palates and comfort.

Delhi NCR homes numerous world class and fantastic Restaurants, Pubs or Bars that suits everyone’s budget and palates. These Pubs / Bar and Restaurants also serve a fine selection of beverages, cocktails and mocktails but at a higher price hence one can purchase hard drinks from any authorised Wine and Beer outlets at a cheaper price and also enjoy Beer made in India as it affordable, excellent in taste and easily available. The City also offers numerous Cafe Joints where one can relax with friends and family and also enjoy a cup of coffee or various coffee drinks (cold or hot) with scrumptious croissants, cakes and patties.

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