Master Error Spotting and Para Filler in Competitive Exams

A lot of competitive exams in their General English section ask questions from the Error spotting and Para Fillers section. The Banks and Insurance exams like IBPS, SBI, and others like the CDS, SSC, and defence exams have these questions mandatory. If you are well prepared for these questions you can easily bag more marks in the exam and boost your overall score. We will discuss some details about both the question types and then look at some tips to solve these questions better.

Error Spotting Details

Error spotting questions come under general English in the verbal ability section. The error spotting questions contain grammatical errors in them and the candidate has to find those errors correctly. Usually, there is only one error in each question but there can be instances when there are multiple errors. Solving these questions does sound very easy but without proper practice, it can be hard to search for the errors correctly. With proper practice and the tips that we will discuss below, candidates can ace this section and solve the questions accurately.

Why is English Error Spotting Asked in Exams?

The roots of any language can be called Words, sentences, and phrases. Using them incorrectly can leave an incomprehensible expression. It becomes difficult to make sense of such sentences and it may also change the meaning of the sentence. Therefore, we must be aware of the roots of the language so that we can understand the text written and its expression perfectly. Error spotting allows testing whether the candidate can use the roots of the language correctly or not. In other terms, Error Spotting Questions are asked to judge the candidate’s entire knowledge of grammar and parts of speech.

Tips to Score Well in the English Error Spotting in Exams:

Here are some expert tips that will allow you to ace the Error Spotting Test.

  • Be thorough with the Parts of Speech.
  • The basic knowledge of English Grammar is formed by Parts of Speech. A candidate must be able to detect the parts of speech in a sentence

This was all about the error spotting questions that can be asked and the tips to prepare and solve them. Let us now look at the details on Para filler questions that are asked in the competitive exams.

Details About the Para Fillers or Para Completion

Para Completion or Para Fillers itself means the completion of missing paragraphs. Para Completion questions widely come in Competitive Exams. In Banking examinations, different trends have been observed, especially in the English section. It is a major subject where a lot of changes have been seen.

Steps for Solving Para Completion

The steps to solve Para Completion questions accurately within time are given below –

Step 1: Carefully read the given statement and try to fill in the missing word without looking at the given options.

Step 2: After you do this, match or replace the word with the one that you had thought of initially.

Step 3: Read the sentence again, but now by filling the blank with the word that you have selected.

NOTE: Make sure your picked word goes with the sentence correctly and smoothly.

Step 4: Read the sentence one final time to make sure there are no grammatical errors in the sentence after filling the blank. Also, check whether the sentence is making the same sense or not after filling up the blank. We hope you found this article on Error spotting and Para fillers helpful and it provided you with the tips you will require to solve their questions. You must practice solving these questions from mock tests and boost your confidence for the final exams.