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Pre-Schools are commonly known as Play Schools, Pre Nursery Schools, Kindergarten Schools, Day Care Schools, Pre Primary Schools, Play Group Schools and Day Boarding Schools. It is an educational institution for children who are too young for elementary education. This is a common place where toddlers meet together and play or spend time under the supervision of their teachers and a few accompanied by their parents too.

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Pre-School is not a place for formal education; however, it is a place where children get to feel the sense of independence for the first time without being around their parents for a few hours in a day. Independence for toddlers here is when a child is away from his or her parents for a couple of hours that helps in breaking free the separation anxiety for the child. This concept has helped both parents who work and hence are not able to spend much time with their toddlers in order to educate them as they grow. Pre-Schools take over that job of the working parents and hence prepare toddlers to embark on their independent life and journey for an educative future and for this reason it has become an increasingly inevitable part of a child’s life.

Pre-School or Play Schools help toddlers to get an exposure to basic Pre-School learning activities that in turn make them independent at a faster pace. The Pre-School activities assist in the development of children in many self-reliant qualities like maintaining cleanliness, eating food, dressing up, and other basic related qualities. It also helps children in learning basic etiquettes like being polite, greeting etiquette amongst children and elders, sharing food, toys and play items, identifying their possessions and so forth. It allows children to interact with one another especially of their own age and hence assist in developing their language skills and vocabulary. These Pre-Schools or Play schools also prepare children for the second level of education or elementary schools and thus instils self-confidence and independence in them.

All Pre-Schools or Play Schools are not alike. However, despite the fact that each one of them have different learning activities and concepts and educational kits for kids, all boils down to one aim and goal which is to develop a child’s educational skills and personality in the good sense. Here is a look at some of the learning activities that these Pre-Schools follow globally.

Kids Learning Activities - Concept Learning:

Many play schools follow a certain pattern or concept that is taught to children through various activities. An example is that of ‘EuroKids Pre-School’ chain that follows the concept of having a ‘mascot’ or a ‘rabbit’ that is named as ‘Buddy’. Buddy is the one that teaches children everything from alphabets to the importance of eating vegetables, sharing of toys, table manners, greeting etiquettes and so forth.

Pre-School Educational Activity - Scribbling:

A child has its first brush with drawing through this activity. Here Pre-Schools put up a board wherein a child can scribble anything on it. This educational activity gives them a sense of importance and at the same time helps in developing their eye-hand coordination.

Learning Activities in Play Schools - Role Enacting:

The concept of role enacting came from the fact that kids love to follow what adults do. In this educational activity, items and toys that are used at home such as kitchen appliances, gardening kits and so forth are placed before the child that each of its usefulness and concept is taught to the child. This learning activity helps children widen their knowledge of home appliance as they tend to see these items being used at home too and hence it only confirms their concepts and widens their learning horizons.

Play School Educational Activity - Playing with Blocks:

Blocks make an excellent play school educational activity as it assist kids to learn the various colours and hence teach them about different types of buildings like a fire station, police station, garage etc., towers, cars, roads, shops and many more. It also helps children understand how to balance shapes, patterns and related activities.

Pre-School Learning Activities - Displaying Kid’s Activities

A child always feels delighted when praised about the hard work they have put in to either drawing, colouring sheets, paper dabbing sheets, patterns made through hand prints, constructing a building out of blocks, remembering alphabets etc. All these various activities done by the children are displayed like an exhibition that helps kids to feel important, noticed and praised.

Play School Learning Activities - Music and Songs:

Music and Songs are crucial for every Pre-School in helping kids to understand and appreciate talents. Each play school ensures to have music and songs as an activity wherein the children are taught to play instruments and sing songs such as nursery rhymes. These music and song activities are not only fun for kids but also ignite their energy and helps them to learn things faster.

Play School Games - Fun in the Sand:

Different Sand games help children to unleash their imagination in creating different shapes or structures. Pre-School toddlers are provided with a tub of sand, a spade and different hollow-shaped blocks that will help them create various shapes and structures. This activity in turn builds the imagination capability of a child, improves their eye-hands coordination and also helps in developing their muscles as well.

Game Activities for toddlers - Story Telling and Enacting:

This activity in a play school is made to help kids listen to theme stories which help in honing their imagination. Later, kids are made to enact the roles of various characters they just listened to in the story. Through this activity, a child is taught important rules of life such as obedience to parents, respecting elders, maintaining discipline and the likes of it.

Pre-School Learning Game Activity - Sing, Dance and learn:

In this Pre-School learning activity, children are introduced to different types of flowers, fruits, vegetables and the likes of it through song and dance.

Alphabet Lesson Plans: In this Pre-School activity, stripes are placed in which fonts are displayed in dotted lines. Children are told to trace these dotted lines and identify the alphabets.

Math Lesson Plans: In this Pre-School activity, shapes and figures are placed to introduce children to circles, rectangles, squares and various geometric shapes including numbers and figurines through which they learn how to count.

Fun Theme Lesson Plans: In this Pre-School lesson, fun filled activities are introduced to kids such as a ‘Garden Theme’ where children are made to copy and paste paper colours onto pictures of flowers, butterflies, bees and make a garden through hand prints and so forth.

Kitchen Theme: In this Pre-School activity, children are introduced to different types of vegetables and fruits including everyday kitchen items that are used. Children learn how to make sandwiches, rolls and burgers.

While Pre-Schools and play schools can be fun for kids and a boon for working parents, there are concerns that exist for Pre Nursery Schools in India in particular as compared to the rest of the world. Owing to the fact that the concept of a pre nursery school is fascinating and increasingly gaining popularity in India, every entrepreneur is seen jumping at the idea of opening one pre nursery school as this business is definitely lucrative. This is evident by the fact that one notices a Pre-School sprouting at every corner in Delhi being the Capital City which makes it even more difficult for parents to choose the right kind of play school for their children.

Sending your toddler to a Pre-School or Play School is an advantage; however, one must also ensure that they identify the right kind of Pre-School for their children. The idea is not to go for a play school that is strict beyond tolerance but for a Pre-School that is patient in teaching and honing skills of children that will help them become independent, educative and ready for their future. These Pre-Schools need to lead by example for children and hence be a guiding institute for your innocent souls who tend to follow anything taught to them at that innocent age. Hence, choosing the right kind of Pre-School and the best one for your kid is very crucial.

Here are a few key important points that will assist parents in choosing the right play school for their kids.

  • Firstly, always check the authenticity of a Pre-School. Check and verify the credentials of the people who run it and the teachers who will be the core guardians of your kids while they are with them for those few hours. This is important as it is essential for a good play school and a teacher to have a positive impact on your child as a bad play school and even a worst teacher will only have a negative impact on your child.
  • Secondly, check the concept behind the Pre-School or play school. Check if their educational activities and curriculum is verified and beneficial for the overall development of your child.
  • Thirdly, A Pre-School or play school must have the correct student-teacher ratio of 1:10 being followed and their concepts of play school needs to be very clear and precise and at the same time allowing for enough independence to the kids.
  • Fourth, ensure to take a tour of the Pre-School and check for the room size. They should be big and spacious and definitely well ventilated and well equipped.
  • Fifth, ensure to check if the Pre-School employs proper maids who can handle the children when they need to visit the restroom.
  • And finally, ensure that the pre nursery school not is too far from your home.

As mentioned above, Pre-Schools or play schools are gaining immense popularity in India and Delhi in particular and definitely amongst working parents. has made a random list of some of the leading Pre-Schools chains in Delhi that are of repute and have earned a name for themselves in the field of Pre-School education. These pre nursery schools follow proper concepts taught through a team of well trained teachers who ensures that your children are in safe and learned hands.

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