List of Delhi Auditoriums

Auditoriums in Delhi

Delhi is dotted with numerous Auditoriums that provide a venue for Performing Arts, Cultural and Traditional Programmes. Auditoriums in Delhi host numerous cultural and recreational events and concerts throughout the year and attract many tourists to the city who love theatre, art and cultural activities and find an opportunity to enjoy them in this Capital City of India.

The first concept to set up an institution in theatre was initiated during a seminar held on Education that was organized in 1956 by the Sangeet Natak Akademi. UNESCO supported this commitment and cause by providing financial support towards this glorious idea of assisting students in realizing their aspirations in the field of theatre or Performing Arts and the theatre institute in itself. This concept was finally realized two years later and commenced on 20th January 1958.

The Asian Theatre Institute or ‘ATI’ was taken over by the Sangeet Natak Akademi or SNA in July 1958, which is known as a premier institute of India in the field of music, dance and drama in order to meet the growing need for developing the Country’s own National Theatre. After a year, in April 1959, the 'The National School of Drama and Theatre Institute' was established and was housed at 25/A situated in Nizamuddin West of New Delhi. This Institute functioned under the supervision of SNA and was later renamed as the ‘National School of Drama’ or ‘NSD’ in short. In December 1975, NSD was officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Education under the Department of Culture.

NSD features two Performing Wings that include the ‘Repertory Company and Theatre’ in the field of Education. Besides this, NSD has a Library Forum, a Publications Department and an active Extension Program for Students.

After the advent of NSD, several Institutes were formed equipped with Auditoriums that host live concerts and theatrical dramas that further added to the entertainment options of Delhi. Many traditional and cultural events, classical music, fusion music and dance forms can also be enjoyed in these auditoriums which are constructed in the form as an amphitheatre (open air auditorium) or an indoor auditorium. Foreign tourists have always shown a great interest in the vibrant culture of this city, however, lately; many local visitors have also begun to take notice and have started to develop a deep interest in knowing and enjoying this rich wealth of culture and arts that the city has to offer.

Auditoriums in Delhi are centrally located to ensure that they can be easily located and accessible from any corner of the city. Most of them are situated in Central Delhi while a few in South Delhi. A numerous variety of cultural programmes pertaining to the different states of the country, their languages and dialects are organized along with various interpretations through movement and sound. These auditorium are built with world class infrastructure and equipments for example, one will notice auditoriums and cultural centres with separate halls that have the capacity to accommodate anywhere between 16 to 600 audiences at one time.

Auditoriums in Delhi also offer a Meeting venue for business leaders and heads that include large meetings, conferences, competitions, presentations, seminars and many more. The auditorium also provides a venue for hosting movie or film screenings, theatre and cultural performances of all sorts while the auditoriums located at Pragati Maidan provide a venue for hosting International Trade fairs, Auto Expos and world class exhibitions.

Theatre personalities such as Girish Karnard, Habib Tanveer, Ibrahim Alkazi and Vijay Tendulkar to name a few have contributed immensely to the World of Performing Arts. Theatre in itself has contributed to the evolvement of great actors such as Ashish Vidyarthi, Naseeruddin Shah, Shabana Azmi, Manoj Bajpai, Neena Gupta and many others. Delhi exemplifies itself in the field of academia and varied culture offering a wealth of auditoriums that attract the current youth towards positive and creative thinking.

For all those interested in the traditional and cultural aspect of the capital city of Delhi, a list of the Auditoriums in Delhi have been categorised in alphabetical order along with their address and contact numbers for your convenience

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