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Shiela Cinema Theatre, Pahar Ganj

Category: Movie Theatre

Brief Note: Shiela Cinema Theatre is known as the first 70mm Theatre in India that was opened to public in 1961. It features a fully air conditioned facility showcasing an ultra modern décor and the facility of spacious parking lot. The Theatre is large, spacious and artistically designed with well maintained lobbies. It features a separate foyer on the first floor while the main the auditorium is fitted with luxurious and comfortable push back seats that have been strategically arranged in order to provide a non obstructing view to all the audiences. In order to create an aural illusion that sounds closer to reality, a six-track sound system was fitted which has now been upgraded to a Dolby Digital sound system.  A 3rd dimension was introduced by slightly curving the screen in order to an illusion of depth and hence viewers can savor an awe-inspiring movie viewing experience. The screen extends from the floor directly into the ceiling with the absence of a stage that offers a smooth view with no barriers and hence viewers need not strain their necks by looking down or craning up their necks in order to watch the movie. The interior décor attractive and yet simple that features off-white colored walls in order to eliminate and reflections from the screen. All in all, this theatre offers one of the best movie watching experiences to all its customers and is still one of the favored Movie theatres of people in Delhi.

Address: Shiela Theatre Complex, D. B. Gupta Road, Pahar Ganj, New Delhi – 110 001

Phone: 91 - 11 - 2367 2100

Fax: 91 - 11 - 2351 0051



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