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Delhi has rapidly grown in the recent years in its night life vigour when compared to other states such as Mumbai and Goa. A few years ago, one would witness a typical night out in Delhi only with family wherein one is enjoying a late night new Bollywood blockbuster release and thereafter followed by a quite dinner in a nearby restaurant. However, today, the night life or night out scene is completely different. The younger generation enjoy a more vibrant lifestyle and feel the need to socialise with friends and connect with new people especially post evenings as they don’t find free time to do so during their college hours or office hours. This desire and the influx of modern attributes and change of mindsets have prompted the City to provide venues for a safe and enjoyable evening and night out..

South Delhi, Central Delhi and especially the NCR region has seen a flush of disposable income that encouraged them to open new venues for a kinetic new night life in Delhi and this trend has instantly picked up its momentum in no time. Years ago, one would notice deserted streets beyond 11:00 PM and today, the street becomes alive with music echoing from discotheques and night clubs including a few coffee houses that remain open for 24 hours that caters to a different and more subtle mindset of crowd.

Besides the deluxe and luxury Hotels that offer their own space for discos and night out parties, other impressive venues are also seen dotted across the city that offer a destination for a lot of night life opportunities. Most of these Night Clubs are found concentrated around Connaught Place and in South Delhi while places like West Delhi is gradually catching up with the advent of new resto-bars and nightclubs.

The Night club bars remain well stocked with the best national and foreign beverages accompanied with a multi cuisine fare and light snacks. A few Espresso bars also provide a venue for night outs amongst couples and dates and hence remain open throughout the day and night.

With the influx of unaccountable tourists from across the Globe, New Delhi is growing extremely fast in order to cater to all the needs of these tourists who wish to enjoy a safe but great night life that this city is definitely replete with its own charm. The Night Clubs homes one of the best amenities and facilities to satisfy their customers. They form the perfect haven for tourists and locals to soar up exotic spirits or enjoy a glass of fine wine that helps to ease tensed minds and relax after a hectic day’s work or sightseeing.

Many Night clubs also organise live performances by bands or renowned musicians while most of them hire experienced DJ to spin great and foot tapping music that definitely makes people hit the floor and unwind through dancing. For those who do not like to dance, they can just order a glass of their favourite drink along with a few bite size snacks and just simply lay back and watch the crowd engross themselves in complete fun.

Through the years, night life attraction has become one of the top rated entertainment options in Delhi and also a must do in the itinerary of all the tourists. With the advent of new lounges and bars, Delhi is completely transformed in its outlook towards night outs with friends and family which has made this city one of the most sought after place for one to enjoy a great and unforgettable night life.

When the sun sets, Delhi opens up with a number of exciting destinations that offers a great night out for locals and tourists. One can either choose to spend a quiet evening in a wine bar or one can choose to let their hair down and dance the night away in a nightclub or discotheque. Night life is all about fun and entertainment hence with good food and drinks the night is accompanied with dance, parties, festivals, fashion shows, live music bands and many more as the primary idea is to get out and have a good time.

The Night Clubs and discotheques in Delhi also provide a venue for you to meet new people and socialise but with obvious careful judgement and makes you realize how fast the city is progressing. It also provides a place to simply sit and enjoy the delectable cuisines and range of cocktails, mocktails and drinks that the place has to offer.

There are ample places in Delhi that organises events and entertainment especially the ones organised by night clubs that are operated by the 5 star Hotels. Their Discotheques are a prime attraction amongst the tourists and the youth. A few Discotheques are also operated by the high end Shopping Malls and located within these shopping complexes itself that provide the best amenities and facilities and are at par with international standards. The Acoustics are of high quality and a professional DJ makes them sound even better.

Delhi is no more a snake charmer’s city but is a happening place that has remarkably transformed itself into one of the preferred destinations for tourists and visitors. It offers people with the best entertainment options for a superb night out be it their Lounges, Bars, Pubs, Night Clubs or Discotheques and Wine Bars.

Many Night Clubs and Discotheques are available around Delhi, however, it is recommended for people visiting the city to opt for night clubs and discotheques that are operated by authorised people and the best option is to visit the ones operated by the 5 star hotels or the ones that are recognised as safe and frequented by a decent crowd. has put up a list of night clubs and discotheques for the convenience of tourists, visitors and locals; however, it is advisable to find out more information about them through reviews and frequent visitors. These Night Clubs and Discotheques have been categorised according to their location along with their address and contact information.

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