Stadiums in Delhi NCR

Stadiums in Delhi NCR

Delhi homes some of the best and well equipped Stadiums in the Country. The city has a number of venues for recreational purposes and is restricted to just housing Clubs, Discotheque, Restaurants and Movie Theatres as entertainment options. Stadiums also form an integral part of the city’s recreational and entertainment resources be it numerous National Games or International games being hosted. These grounds make for a perfect venue for the locals as well as tourist to enjoy a game of their favourite Sports.

Stadiums in Delhi are also apt for sports enthusiasts to de-stress after a long day of activities in their work place or for students who love to watch a sports event other than resort to other activities available in the city.

The government has also played a very significant in ensuring the establishments of various Stadiums in Delhi including ones with specialized and multipurpose facilities and amenities. These stadiums are dotted across the city and form an integral part in shaping the sportspersons of this Country. They also provide a superb platform for unleashing and honing youngsters to display their potentials and sporting skills to the fullest.

Most of the Stadiums in Delhi are seen in the typical horse-shoe shape and are equipped with state of the art infrastructure, amenities and other sports facilities in order to facilitate uninterrupted sporting events. Cricket is the main sport that is hosted within these Stadiums whereas sports like Hockey, Badminton, Tennis, Basketball, Football and many more have only recently been highlighted owning to the 2010 Commonwealth Games held in Delhi in October. This Game Event has provided an opportunity for other sports to showcase themselves and be in the spotlight especially for a Country like India where only Cricket is regarded of the highest esteem in contrast to other type of sports played in the city.

These Stadiums in Delhi showcases the sporting dexterity of the Indian sportspersons from diverse cultural backgrounds, religious sects, caste and creed who join together as one team to play for the country. These stadiums are also equipped for accommodating a huge crowd of audiences when hosting various sporting events.

Delhi Stadiums span over massive expanse of area done up with well maintained grass fields and tracks for athletics including infrastructure for different type of sports accompanied with world class facilities for both Outdoor and Indoor Games.

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