Campaign against home delivery of liquor begins

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‘Govt. must home-deliver ration instead’

The Delhi Mahila Congress on Thursday launched a campaign against the Delhi government’s new policy that allows home delivery of liquor.

Delhi Mahila Congress chief Amrita Dhawan said instead of focusing its time and effort on ensuring home delivery of ration or oxygen, the government was trying to earn money by allowing home delivery of liquor. She added that families in Delhi had just gone through a tough time due to COVID-19 and were asking about ration, vaccines and medicine while the government was concentrating on liquor.

“I believe that alcohol can give a personal pleasure for a minute but it ruins families and has an adverse impact on women and children. The govt. should focus on providing home delivery of life-saving medication and ration instead,” Ms. Dhawan said.

She asked others to start a social media campaign against the policy of home delivery of liquor.


This article was originally published on The Hindu