Cong. calls for effective, free vaccination drive

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The Delhi Congress on Friday submitted a memorandum to L-G saying that if the current rate of administering vaccines is followed, it would take over three years to vaccinate the country. The party called for an effective and free universal vaccination programme. The party said due to multiple pricing slabs, people were profiteering from the programme.

Delhi Congress chief Ch. Anil Kumar said that COVID Covid-19 has caused “unprecedented devastation and immeasurable pain” to nearly every Indian family, and vaccination is the only protection in the midst of the raging infections and deaths.

“Neither the Modi government nor the government in Delhi, seemed to have learned any lessons from the bitter experiences of the first COVID-19 wave. They are of the Covid-19 pandemic and are busy playing politics. While the pandemic was raging, the Modi government was busy exporting vaccines,” Mr. Kumar said.


This article was originally published on The Hindu