Court order shows BJP’s complete failure in managing municipal corporation: AAP

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‘No corporation has been asked by court to sell its property to pay salaries’

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday said that the BJP has “completely failed” in managing the municipal corporation and the court has asked the civic body to sell assets to pay its own employees.

“The Municipal Corporation of Delhi is in deep waters. They are facing a big challenge. Voters have, for the last 20 years, voted for the BJP on the promise that it will ensure streamlined operations in the municipal corporation that it would look after the improvement of schools, hospitals and other welfare facilities. Instead, the BJP has completely failed in its management of municipal corporation. Their failure and mismanagement are incomparable,” Mr. Sisodia said in a statement.

‘Own responsibility’

He said that the BJP should take full responsibility and accept its “absolute failure” in managing the corporation.

“Municipal corporation is facing one of the biggest challenges in its basic functioning. No corporation has ever been asked by the court to sell its property, their assets to pay salaries of its employees. This situation would not have arisen if BJP had made dedicated efforts in managing it. Our workers who have been in the forefront of the crisis in municipal corporation would not have had to face this kind of embarrassment and insult of not being paid had the BJP managed its operations well,” he said.

Mr. Sisodia said the situation that the civic body is facing is because of the BJP and their “corruption and petty politics”. He said that one of the main areas that the corporation is responsible for is cleanliness, but the BJP cannot point towards even a single ward in Delhi and claim that they have made it into a ‘model ward’.

“Nobody knows where the money earmarked for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi and its employees is going. How will our teachers teach? How are doctors going to treat patients? How is the cleaning staff going to sanitise Delhi? We don’t know where the money is going,” the Minister said.


This article was originally published on The Hindu