Delhi Congress protests against rising fuel prices, says govts. reaping profit

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The Delhi Congress on Friday protested at fuel stations across the Capital against the frequent hike in petrol and diesel prices. The Congress said the government has been burdening people, who are already under tremendous pressure due to the pandemic, with unbearable expenses.

Delhi Congress chief Ch. Anil Kumar, who was joined by AICC general secretary K.C.Venugopal and AICC in-charge of Delhi Shakti Sinh Gohil, staged a demonstration at a petrol pump at Delhi Gate, where they shouted slogans against the BJP government at the Centre and the AAP government in Delhi.

Mr. Kumar said that a major chunk of the enhanced cost of petrol and diesel goes as excise duty and VAT (Value Added Tax) to the Central and State governments, and if taxes are reduced, petrol and diesel could be sold at cheaper rates in Delhi.

“For the last seven years, since the Modi government took charge at the Centre and the Kejriwal government in Delhi, people have been subjected to exploitation without providing any relief to them. Both these governments are reaping thousands of crores in taxes from the sales of petrol and diesel,” Mr. Kumar said.

Mr. Kumar added that the unchecked rise in the prices of fuel has boosted the prices of all essential commodities as a terrible side effect, and people, without jobs and any source of livelihood, find it extremely difficult to keep themselves alive.


This article was originally published on The Hindu