DU plans fee waiver for students who lost parents to COVID-19

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Delhi University is considering giving a fee waiver to students, who have lost their parents to COVID-19, according to senior DU officials. A letter has been sent to the colleges to conduct a survey and gather information pertaining to it, officials said.

Balram Pani, DU’s Dean of Colleges, said: “We are thinking of giving a fee waiver to students who have lost their parents to COVID-19. Students who have lost both their parents or one parent who was the breadwinner of the family will be considered for a waiver.”

Further, Mr. Pani added: “We have written to colleges and sought relevant data by Monday. It will be a completely transparent process and colleges can carry out the necessary checks. Once requisite permission from the governing bodies are sought, this can be implemented.”

Speaking at a prayer meeting held in the memory of university employees, who lost their lives during the pandemic, DU Vice-Chancellor P.C. Joshi said that providing free education to students of the university who lost their parents to COVID-19 was a key area for the administration and that the university was “actively considering” the matter.


This article was originally published on The Hindu