‘Govt. has asked States not to share info on vaccine stocks’

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AAP leader Atishi, who shares the daily vaccine bulletin of the Delhi government, on Thursday claimed that the Central government has asked States not to share details of stocks of the vaccines.

“We are surprised by the fact that, yesterday, the Central government has sent a letter to all State governments where they have mentioned that no government will be allowed to share the information about how many vaccines have been administered and what is the stock position,” Ms. Atishi said.

The AAP leader said that they believe that the people of Delhi have a right to know whether there is any vaccination available. “They want to know about the availability of the vaccines and where they are being administered, whether the slots will be opened up or not,” she said.

The AAP leader alleged that amid a vaccine scarcity, the Central government finds hiding numbers more important than inoculating its citizens.

“It is our appeal to the Central government that instead of hiding information regarding the vaccines, focus on providing the vaccines. It is the right of every citizen because it is this very vaccine that can save the people from COVID-19,” she said.

Vaccines available

Meanwhile, updating about the vaccine stock, she said, “For the 18-44 age group, 1,74,000 doses of the vaccine are available out of which 1,24,000 are of Covishield and 50,000 doses of Covaxin are available. Yesterday 29,800 doses of the vaccine were added for the 18-44 category. The vaccines for 45+ we have a stock of two days of Covaxin and 26 days of Covishield. For those between 18-44 years, we have four days of stock of Covaxin and eight days of Covishield. This means those who have been administered the first dose of Covaxin, they can comfortably get their second dose administered in the next four days. As far as those who have not gotten vaccinated with their first dose, all the slots will be available for the next eight days for those between 18-44 years. You can book the slots on the CoWIN app.”


This article was originally published on The Hindu