MLA seeks PM assurance on no mosque demolition

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Waqf Board Chairman and AAP Okhla MLA Amanatullah Khan on Friday wrote to PM Narendra Modi seeking an assurance that around half a dozen mosques located in the vicinity of the ongoing Central Vista project will not be demolished as a result of it.

Mr. Khan, citing apprehensions shared by the community on social media in this regard, expressed concern related to the mosques located in the Lutyens’ Zone in the vicinity of the axis of the project.

A Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs spokesperson refused to comment on the matter.

Mr. Khan specifically mentioned the Zabta Ganj Mosque situated at the end of the waterbody near the India Gate, another mosque situated within the precincts of Krishi Bhawan as well as the President House. “Owing to this apprehension of the members of Muslim community, which apprehension is also underpinned by the demolition of two mosques in U.P., i.e. Ghareeb Nawaz Mosque demolished on 17.05.2021 in Barabanki and another mosque demolished on 28.05.2021 in Khatauli Town of Western U.P., the undersigned is receiving frantic enquiries,” he said. The Krishi Bhawan Mosque, the Sunehri Bagh Road Mosque, the Jama Masjid Masjid at Red Cross road, knows as the Parliament Street Mosque, were all Gazetted Notified Waqf properties, he also stated. Till date, however, Mr. Khan wrote, no communication had been sent to the Delhi Waqf Board by in authority in charge of the Central Vista project in respect to any mosque or other Waqf property. Through his representation to the PM, Mr. Khan said, he sought an assurance from the government that “no Waqf property shall be demolished, nor its nature changed due to the ongoing” Central Vista project.

“The undersigned earnestly expects that the government would graciously extend the aforesaid assurance to the Delhi Waqf Board within 10 days of the receipt of the present representation so that any litigation could be avoided,” Mr. Khan stated.


This article was originally published on The Hindu