‘Over 1 lakh injections given to Delhi sold in black’

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The Delhi BJP on Friday alleged that of 1,69,007 Remdesivir injections provided to the Delhi government by the Centre, 1,11,878 were sold in black. Delhi BJP president Adesh Gupta alleged Remdesivir injections, which are supposed to be available for ₹2,500-₹3,000, were being sold at ₹45,000-₹70,000. They also said tocilizumab injections worth ₹40,000 were sold at ₹2.5 lakh.

“As per an RTI, the Centre gave Delhi 1,69,007 Remdesivir injections but the Kejriwal government, in an affidavit to the court, said 57,129 such injections were given,” Mr. Gupta alleged.

“The difference between the two is 1,11,878, which means there was black marketing of ₹392 crore. Why despite the government getting these in such large numbers did such injections reach black marketers instead of the needy,” Mr. Gupta asked.

Leader of Opposition in the Delhi Assembly Ramvir Singh Bidhuri alleged the nodal officers appointed by the Delhi government had a nexus with hospitals, which were fleecing patients.

“In June last, the Centre had intervened to stop this loot by private hospitals following which the beds’ rates were fixed by the Delhi government. But this time they are being aided by officials and AAP leaders in charging ₹10-₹50 lakh for treatment,” Mr. Bidhuri alleged.

In a related development, Delhi BJP spokesperson Harish Khurana said the Delhi High Court had issued a notice to the Delhi government on issues including the immediate payment of compensation to Corona Warriors and the time-bound construction of hospitals in the city.


This article was originally published on The Hindu