Police to deploy COVID-19 Quick Reaction Teams

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Taking lessons from the past, the Delhi police are readying themselves in advance to fight against an expected third wave of cases.

They are going to deploy COVID-19 Quick Reaction Teams (QRT) in the South West district.

After facing many challenges and disastrous situations during the second wave of the pandemic, the South West District police is planning to deploy four well-equipped QRTs for providing immediate medical assistance and oxygen support for infected patients.

DCP (South West) Ingit Pratap Singh said that under the YUVA initiative of Delhi Police, they have selected 30 YUVA trainees and is training them on first aid, CPR, disaster management operation of oxygen concentrators etc. through NGO partners and hospitals.

“After completing the training, these YUVA volunteers will be equipped with oxygen concentrators. They will be deployed in QRT vans to respond to emergency calls for providing first aid support to COVID-19 patients,” said Mr. Singh.


This article was originally published on The Hindu