‘Training for teachers to reconnect with students’

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To help teachers reconnect with their students before schools reopen for academic learning, the Delhi government will organise a training programme to help them deal with the fallout of the pandemic.

Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia on Wednesday said that the pandemic has given us the opportunity to reimagine schooling and adapt to the new emerging realities.

He was speaking at the inaugural workshop being organised by the Guerrand-Hermès Foundation for Peace (GHFP) for Delhi government teachers.

Creating a space

“Our teachers and students have gone through a lot of pain during the time of pandemic; we want to support them in overcoming the grief. We want to create a space for our teachers and their students for sharing, listening and a meaningful dialogue before resumption of teaching-learning activities,” Mr. Sisodia said.

He added that school reopening is not just about opening books; it’s about opening the heart and mind to reconnect with each other.

He stressed on the importance of teachers preparing themselves to counsel their students, support them if they are facing any challenges and help them to a stage where they are ready to resume teaching-learning activities.

As a first step of the collaboration with the GHFP, a team of experts will conduct three days’ session with a small group of mentor teachers of the Delhi government.

Mentor teachers

Thereafter, the mentor teachers will conduct similar sessions with two teachers of each school.

These two teachers will then help the fellow teachers in their own schools to initiate dialogue with their students and parents, if needed, the Delhi government said.


This article was originally published on The Hindu