INA Market

INA Market

The INA Market is situated in South Delhi and just opposite the famous AIIMS Hospital. It is a Food bazaar that offers visitors and buyers with a varied array of food products, fresh meat and vegetables. INA stands for ‘Indian National Army Market’ and is a very famous shopping zone in the capital city of Delhi.

The INA Market exudes a vibrant yet busy atmosphere as it is always crowded. It is a hub for many retailers who visit this market to purchase the rare and unique food products. This market place also features a few shops that retail rare but expensive liquor, spirits and wine and one of the unique and amusing feature is to hear the shopkeepers conversing with foreign customers in their native language such as Cantonese, Mandarin, French, German besides English and hence makes a tourist’s shopping experience really memorable and fascinating.

In INA Market, one can find fresh meat, poultry, seafood, dry fish and a variety of fresh vegetables, exotic herbs and aromatic spices including everything else related to groceries, all under one roof and for this reason, this market place is known as the groceries destination of Delhi or groceries hub of Delhi. Numerous shops in this market place also retail unique products that are not available in any other market place in the capital city.

The Indian National Army Market is also an exclusive and authentic market place that caters to both National and International customers. The shops here retails food products like a varied flavour of ice creams, chocolates, candies and other eateries that are imported from other countries hence diversifying and heightening the standards of your shopping experience.

The INA Market is a massive shopping complex that also retails a diverse variety of spectacular wares, flowers and steel utensils and appliances too. It is also dotted with numerous street side food outlets that serves a variety of Indian and Chinese cuisines, a definite respite and need after a tiring day of shopping. The Karalla Cafe situated here is a preferred joint for shoppers looking for a spicy food fare and cuisines from South India. The market also has shops that retail garments though a few hence it is advisable to visit this market place if you are looking for groceries, meats and rare or hard-to-find food ingredients.

The Indian National Army Market is closed on Mondays only and remains opened from Tuesdays through Sundays between 10:30 AM and 7:00 PM while the food joints remain open from afternoons to late evenings and night. This market place is definitely one of the most exciting food destinations of Delhi packed with imported food products, packaged food products, fruits, vegetable, fresh meat and seafood wherein some shops offer extra customer service to its customers by providing coolies who will wilfully carry your food products in a basket while you shop. The merchants here also retail dry fish products, nuts, dry spices, salty snacks, Indian & International ingredients as well.

The back lane of the INA market features a string of fast food street stalls that prepare vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes and serve it hot to their customers. Each stall has their own designated space where a few tables and chairs are set along the footpath of the narrow and congested by lane where customers can sit and enjoy their food and a meaningful conversation.