Karol Bagh Market


Karol Bagh Market

Karol Bagh Market is situated in Central Delhi and approximately 2 kms from the New Delhi Railway Station. It is one of the most popular and oldest shopping centres in Delhi that homes a number of branded air-conditioned showrooms as well as non branded retail outlets and small attractive shops lined up on pathways that sell almost everything.

The residential area surrounding the Karol Bagh market was a result of a settlement of numerous Punjabi families who fled to India during the partition. They settled here and opened several shops to earn a living. Today, these shops have spanned commercially and hence converting the area into a flourishing business centre where one can purchase any products and items available under one roof.

Despite the growing commercial infrastructure of the Karol Bagh Market, this market place still retains an old world charm that instantly transform any visitor into a historical ambience. A journey around the area is a definite unforgettable experience where visitors get an insight into the traditional aspects of the Indian Trading activities. Numerous traditional houses mirror the best of Indian craftsmanship and inherent skills while modern structures showcases a drastic change that exhibits a modern and urban city. Both these contrasting visuals blend beautifully to provide an unforgettable view and journey through modern stores and traditional shops.

The Karol Bagh Market is further divided into different streets that house their own market wherein each street market specialises in retailing a specific product or item. For example, the ‘Silver Street’ is a traditional jewellery street that specialises only in retailing Gold and Silver Jewellery along with semi precious stones and precious gems. The Goldsmiths and Silversmiths here are known to be very popular in the same field throughout the country.

Ajmal Khan Road market specialises in retailing inexpensive readymade garments, embroidered garments and cotton yarns. However, today, this street market retails more than just garments. The place is dotted with fancy stores, big international branded stores and various food outlets that serve a variety of Indian munchies and spices. A weekly informal village market is organised every Monday the biggest of its kind in Delhi, during which all the big branded showrooms and retail outlets remain closed (weekly market holiday) and hence is the best time for budget travellers or locals to enjoy a shopping spree.

Arya Samaj Road market is where one can purchase second hand or used books, magazines, journals etc.

Bank Street market situated just off the Ajmal Khan Road has shops that retail an array of Gold jewellery and showpieces that range from a handcrafted piece to a machine-made pattern; one can find a variety of items here including a range of bridal trousseaus.

Ghaffar Market is a hub for cellular phones. This shopping centre homes a labyrinth of narrow pathways that are lined with small shops who specialises in supplying any imported products ranging from mobiles, accessories to cosmetics, calculators, watches, sunglasses, electronic or digital diaries, cameras, hairdryers, footwear and almost everything else retailed to electronics. Besides these items, one can also find a number of furniture and furnishings stores, carpets and rugs, fashion accessories and even a variety of tea brands. This market place is a must visit and an excellent shopping destination for shoppers on a tight budget.

Tank Road Jeans Market is situated near Karol Bagh and is very popular for its affordable Denim garments and Jeans. It is known as one of the biggest wholesale garment market in Asia where one can find all types of jeans at a very low price and hence is an apt market place for budget travellers looking for cheap denim garments and branded jeans in Delhi. The other largest wholesale market place in Asia is located in Gandhi Nagar in East Delhi that retails only ready-made garments.

The Tank Road Jeans Market started with just a few shopkeepers who established shops here towards the end of 1980s and one such shop visible today is the ‘Cops Jeans’ Shop who still specialises in Denim garments and jeans especially. This is another street market place which is a must visit for travellers and tourists especially. 

Karol Bagh Market is easily accessible by road via auto rickshaws, buses, taxis cabs and metro train. One can also de-board at the Karol Bagh Metro Station which is situated adjacent to the market place. The nearest metro station to the Tank Road Market is the Rajendra Place Metro Station where you can de-board and hire a rickshaw to arrive at this place. If you are travelling via road then a perfect landmark is the Liberty Cinema situated on the old Rohtak Road just next to Karol Bagh. The nearest Bus terminal is the Kashmere Gate ISBT from where a number of DTC buses ply to and from the market place. Is Karol Bagh open today? Find out below!

Karol Bagh Timings

Karol Bagh Market is opened between 10:30 AM and 8:00 PM from Tuesdays to Sundays. whereas if you are wondering Karol Bagh is closed on which day, Karol Bagh remains closed on Mondays only except for the ‘Weekly Haat’ (Village Market).