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Rock Climbing in Delhi

Rock Climbing is probably one of the most challenging activities especially for amateurs. This entails both Mental and Physical demands to test your upper body strength as you really need the use of only your hands and fingers to balance your entire body, agility, balance and endurance. It can also prove fatal if you do not have the knowledge, technique and safety equipments in place before attempting a climb. Ideally the main aim is to reach the summit or a designated pre-defined point.

Delhi has a few man-made and natural rock formations to enable rock climbers to test their skills. The natural rock formation at Dhauj Village is known to be the best site for rock climbing prevalent since 1986 and situated in the Aravalli Hill range about 20 km from Faridabad and 30 to 40 km from IIT Delhi. You can take the Faridabad-Sohna Road to reach here and travel another 1.5 km to arrive at the rock climbing site next to the Dhauj Lake. Clear marks have been provided through these years to enable a smooth climb for beginners while season climbers can either use these marks or discover their own paths. Rappelling is also available at the same site. The rock climbing season starts from October up till March and you would need to contact the Delhi Tourism office at Baba Kharak Singh Marg, Delhi for booking and details.

Old Rocks of Lado Sarai

Other places in Delhi for rock climbing is at the Old Rocks of Lado Sarai in Delhi and PBG Rocks situated in the heart of the city that has a huge 30 to 35 foot traverse and 9 to 10 climbs about 25 to 30 feet high. The rocks are actually situated in a jungle area next to the clubhouse and grounds of the President's bodyguards. Entry is free and you will need to park your vehicles there and then take a non-existent trail right into the jungle till you reach the rock wall. It is also absolutely mandatory for you to tell the Guards that you will be climbing and also highly recommended to go there with a huge group and stay together at all times since there are no protection or rescue services. Rock climbing for lone females is an absolute 'No'! And also remember to take a knife to cut through the thorns in the jungle.

Indian Mountaineering Foundation in South Campus

Lastly, you can try the walls at the Indian Mountaineering Foundation situated in South Campus, Delhi set about 40 feet high and ideal for amateurs and season climbers too which charges a small fee of Rs. 30/- for a two-hour climb per head for Indians and Rs. 100/- for Foreign nationals. The Institute will provide you with all the climbing equipments. The best landmark for this place is the Venkateswara College situated on the Dhaula Kuan road and once you reach here, the IMF Institute is just a few kilometres away on the same road.

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