Adventures in Delhi

Delhi Water Sports and related activities

The Delhi Tourism board has recently constructed a multi-sports and leisure complex to offer tourists and locals with numerous activities to relax and provide the city with a haven where they can forget their boring and routine lives. A few of these complexes have been created and a few renovated in several parts of Delhi.


Boating in Delhi and facilities are available at numerous artificially created Lakes and Natural Lakes dotted around the city that offers boating by paddling or rowing, kayaking, canoeing, speed motor boat rides, Hovercraft and water scooter rides available at very reasonable rates. Boats of all shapes with and without sheds and designed to look like a scooter, crocodile, aircraft, ducks and even dinosaurs are available to choose from.


Fishing in Delhi is another interesting and relaxing activity that can be enjoyed by keen anglers and in fact anyone who would like to try a hand at it. Badkhal Lake, Surajkund Lake and Okhla Barrage are good places for angling. You will notice kids especially catching fish by using a fishing rod made of bamboo. However, please note that these fishing sites are closed on Mondays.

The Water Park cum Amusement Park

The Water Park cum Amusement Park named Fun 'n' Food Village is a good place to have fun and completely enjoy with family and friends situated on the Delhi-Gurgaon Road at Kapashera in Delhi. The park is beautifully constructed with lovely landscapes that feature different Rides, Slides, Pools, Cascading water shores with waves, Open-air theatre, Food, Beverages and Traditional arts and crafts merchandises that represents and reflects the ancient culture and heritage of India and this forum also helps to promote the Indian culture at a wider level. The Entry fee is reasonably priced and this park is opened from 0930 hours to 1800 hours on weekdays and from 0930 hours to 1900 hours on weekends, 7 days a week and 364 days in a year and closed only on Diwali.

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