Excursions from Delhi

Short Excursions from Delhi

Delhi does have a platter of well known tourist destinations close by that leaves you with only good memories. These short excursions can be completed in one day and is a much needed break to rejuvenate and assist you in getting back to your daily chores with more zest and refilled energy.

Delhi does have a platter of well known tourist destinations close by that leaves you with only good memories. These short excursions can be completed in one day and is a much needed break to rejuvenate and assist you in getting back to your daily chores with more zest and refilled energy.

Sohna Hills

Sohna Hills is a short trip of 56 km from Delhi that sits elegantly at a height of 695 feet above sea level on the foothills of the Aravalli Hills and the tour around can be completed in one day only. You can either return the same day or stay overnight in a resort and return the next morning to Delhi. Once you arrive here, you would need to follow a narrow path on foot to reach this place as it is inaccessible by vehicles. These hills literally mean 'Golden Hills' due to the fact that it was once covered with Gold dust that had collected post heavy rainfall on the sand beds of a stream near these hills. The place can be accessible only by foot through narrow paths which are unreachable to vehicles. In ancient times, it was known as the 'Abode of Hermits' and the springs were known as the 'Shiv Kund' considered very sacred. Devotees gather every year during the 'Somavati Amavasya' and Solar and Lunar Eclipse days to take a dip in these spring waters.

The main attractions of this place are the 'Sulphur Springs' which is believed to possess medicinal properties with temperatures ranging between 46 degree C and 52 degree C and the other is an ancient Shiva Temple which is generally visited by devotees during the 'Teej' festival celebrated during July and August and another fair that is celebrated every November is the 'Ganga Snaan' which means 'Bathing in the Ganges'. The Vintage car Rally is held every year on February and ends with a Fair celebration organised by the Tourism board of Haryana State. Adjacent to these Hills are the remains of a ruined fortress that was once held by the local chieftain.

Sohna does provide for an excellent short getaway where you can rejuvenate after your tour in a Spa offerings steam, sauna and sulphur spring baths and swimming.

Damdama Lake

Damdama Lake is another short excursion from Delhi and an excellent getaway that lies 56 km southeast of the city and can be visited the same day. The best time to visit is between October and March as the water level really reduces in summer which comes between Mid May and July but however increases post rainfalls reaching a depth of 50 to 60 feet. This Lake covers an area of approximately 5.5 acres and is picturesque with the Aravalli Hills as your background canvas offering a good picnic spot and adventure sports like rock climbing, Hot Ballooning, Trekking with camping, cycling, angling, boating, kayaking and canoeing.

Badkhal Lake

Badkhal Lake is just a short excursion which can be visited the same day and lies just 32 km from Delhi or a 30 minute drive. It is situated in Faridabad which falls in Haryana State and offers boating facilities and a quiet picnic spot. Though this natural lake has dried up, the government has made plans to refill it by 2010 and currently you can still enjoy a peaceful getaway amidst the green grassy terrains and the beautiful ranges of the Aravalli Hills that surrounds this area.


Surajkund is just 8 km from Badkhal Lake and also can be visited together in one day. It lies 20 km from Delhi and the Lake here is almost dried and under renovation by the Delhi and Haryana Tourism Boards who plan to fill it by 2010. Alternatively, you can enjoy the beautiful rocky terrains and its surroundings and a quiet picnic with family and friends.

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary is situated in Haryana State and about 47 km from Delhi and requires only a 50-minute drive to reach here. It is known for its greenery and rich species of birds that migrate here during winters nesting around the Lake, feeding and breeding. It was established as a Bird reserve in 1972 with the sole purpose to preserve and conserve the ever decreasing population of Birds in this world and help in maintaining a balanced ecological system. It is covered with beautiful trees, shrubs, lawns and has a small museum cum library offering information about the various species of the water birds found here. Flamingos and Bare-headed Brahmini Ducks are seen here who migrate from the colder places like Tibet.


Ballabgarh is a small village and earlier a princely town in Faridabad, Haryana State that lies 36 km from Delhi along the Delhi-Mathura road and was once ruled by the Jaat Kings who also constructed a beautiful Fort and Palace around 1739 and ruled over 101 villages. King Nahar Singh who ruled between 1823 and 1858 is highly regarded for his valour and bravery after he was martyred in the 1857-1858 battle for Independence of India.

On arrival, you can visit the Ballabgarh Fort and Palace, a Heritage site that was constructed out of White Sandstone in the ancient Shekhawati style of architecture by King Balram who had ruled between 1702 and 1754. It was later renovated and restored to its original grandeur by King Nahar Singh using 30 well skilled artisans who belonged to Rajasthan as they were well known for their ancient and old traditional techniques. Recently, this fort was again renovated under the skilful supervision of a French architect after Mr. Ram Niwas, who was the Deputy Commissioner then, took up the work to resurrect this beautiful historical monument. Nearby is the Ballabgarh Lake where you can enjoy a quiet picnic and angling.

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