List of Gardens in Delhi


The Charbagh garden is situated in east Nizzamuddin and about 5 km south east of Connaught Place which means 'Four Gardens' derived its name due to the shape it was built in. It has four equal square sections that is separated by two water canals and four walkways called 'Khiyabans' depicting the concept of 'Paradise' or 'Jannat' as per the Islamic religion. Hence, the garden has a quadrilateral layout in the perfect Persian Style and design that spans over a huge area measuring 30 acres.

Each square within is further subdivided into four squares again with walkways and hence totals to 36 squares with a central water canal that runs absolutely straight through the garden and beneath the Tomb that lies in the centre of this garden and appears on the other side depicting the Islamic belief of water or river flowing beneath the Paradise Garden.

This Garden is enclosed within high walls on three sides only as the fourth side was covered by the Yamuna River which seems to have shifted its course through these past centuries. The central pathway ends in two gates built at a height of a double storied building of which the western gate is still being used while the southern gate that was used during the Mughal period remains closed. A 'Hammam' or 'Bath Chamber' lies on the northern wall while a pavilion with 12 doors or entrances called the 'Baradari' lies on the eastern wall that was made to allow cool breeze to flow through to the Garden especially during summers.

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