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Lodhi Garden

Lodhi Garden

The Lodhi Garden lies on Lodhi Road between the Safdarjung Tomb in South Delhi and Khan Market. It spreads over an area of 90 acres and mainly forms a hub for picnics, morning and evening walks and also a famous site for filming many movies like Lakshya, Fanaa and Kurban to name the recent ones.

The Lodhi Garden is an architectural delight of the Sayyid and Lodhi dynasty that reigned over Northern Delhi during the 15th Century AD and the Pathan dynasty who reigned during the 16th Century AD. It has beautiful monuments and Tombs that are deemed as protected sites by the Archaeological Survey of India or ASI in short and INTACH who were also responsible for the renovation works and conservation of this Garden and its monuments.

Lodi Garden Delhi

The Garden was recreated after the villages that cropped around the monuments were relocated to other parts of Delhi in 1936. It was also reconditioned and landscaped by Lady Willingdon who was then the wife of Lord Marquess of Willingdon, the Governor General of India and hence was named after her as the 'Lady Willingdon Park' during the British rule and post Independence, the Garden was renamed as 'Lodhi Gardens'. In 1968, it was re-landscaped by J. A. Stein along with assistance from Garrett Eckbo. He also constructed a Glass-House, a National Park within that has a beautiful collection of bonsais and a British style gateway that is still used as the main entrance to this Park even today.

The Lodhi Garden is fringed with numerous trees, plants and species of Roses and bloom to their fullest between February and March. The Garden also welcomes many species of Birds that breed and feed next to the Lake including squirrels that approach you for food especially when they see you sitting on the benches in the Garden. It allows for a serene and peaceful getaway from the mad rush of the city life.

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