List of Gates in Delhi

Eight City Gates in Delhi

The eight city of Delhi is none other than 'New Delhi' carved out of the Old City of Delhi after the Capital city was moved here from Kolkata in 1911. This New City took 20 years to complete based on the designs of Edwin Lutyens, a British Architect.

India Gate lies in the heart of New Delhi and is one of the most significant and the only prominent Gate built in the eight city of Delhi in 1921. It forms the primary highlight of this new city and was officially named as the 'All India War Memorial' site dedicated to those Indian soldiers who were martyred in the First World War, the 1919 Afghan war and the Northwest frontier war. This Gate stands at a height of 140 feet with over 90,000 names of the martyred soldiers engraved on it. Its ceiling underneath is seen in the shape of a dome or inverted bowl and the base is made of stone especially imported from Bharatpur.

In the middle of India Gate, earlier, a huge bowl was seen where oil is filled and the lamp it lit up during its anniversary but later, an eternal flame was installed in 1970 in this arch in honour of the martyred soldiers and the gate is always guarded by two uniformed soldiers at all times. This eternally lit shrine is covered with black coloured marble and a rifle is placed on it in a standing position with the helmet of a soldier atop paying homage to those unknown soldiers and 'Amar Jawan' is seen inscribed in pure gold which means 'Immortal Warriors' on every face of this shrine. There is a beautiful Chhatri that once shadowed the statue of King George-V up till 1968 but later was moved to the Coronation Park. Current discussions are still being held on which National Leader's statue should be erected in the empty space.

India Gate is always seen crowded especially during weekends when the place lights up an fills with people who rest on its green lawns including various food stalls and freelance food vendors that crawl around offering you snacks and tea or coffee and also enjoying a good picnic and boating in the nearby India gate Lake. Massive central gates made of steel are flanked by smaller gates that form the entry points into the Rashtrapati Bhavan or the Presidential House and midway between them is the beautifully carved Jaipur Column with a crown and a glass star that shoots out of the lotus blossom made of bronze.

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