List of Gates in Delhi

Fourth City Gates in Delhi

The Gates of the Fourth Medieval City of Delhi named 'Jahan Panah' lies between Chiragh Delhi and Tughlaqabad and passes through Greater Kailash Part-II and Alaknanda, both located in Delhi. This city once spanned over an enormous area of 800 acres covered with vibrant greenery. The gates were constructed in 1334 and during the mid 14th Century AD that was founded by Muhammed Bin Tughlaq who also established two small fortresses named 'Adilabad Fort' or 'Nai-Ka-Kot Fort' that lies on the southern part of this city that were later abandoned by the Sultan.

This Fourth City gates were built to encircle the empty areas of the Siri Fort City, Tughlaqabad City and Lal Kot City. The 13 Gates are completely untraceable within the massive parapets of the two small fortress mentioned above and the city is also vaguely visible in total ruins and only the fragmented stones of the walls can be seen. However, surprisingly the watch-tower named 'Bijai Mandal' which has been deemed as a protected monument still stands erect against the ravages of time within the remains of this city.

This Fourth Medieval City had numerous significant buildings within its ramparts that constituted a Royal Palace with very impressive architecture and commanded a panoramic view of the entire town but mostly seen in ruins today, the Palace of a thousand Pillars where the Sultan used to sit under a huge canopy made of wood for Public audience and meetings. The imposing Bijai Mandal or Tower from where the Sultan watched his army and any odd movements around the city hence making it a very well thought out strategic and significant point for the Emperor. Some say that this Mandal was used by the Royal family to enjoy the cool breeze from the surrounding area while also enjoying its beautiful view. However, sincerely, no one knows the real reason of the usage of this Tower but it sure does add a rustic charm to the ruins of this Citadel. Paths made in a sloping shape indicate that probably the Sultan had once used it to walk back and forth to his Palace and Private Chambers and to huge openings amidst the fragmented remains of this Palace might suggest that it was once the Royal Treasury or Vault. One will also notice ruins of residential chambers that may have once been the private apartments of the Royal Families.

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