List of Gates in Delhi

Third City Gates in Delhi

The Gates of the Third Medieval City of Delhi named 'Tughlaqabad' lies on the Mehrauli-Badarpur road in Delhi and were constructed between 1321 and 1323 by Ghazi Malik who was a slave of the Khilji dynasty but later became the Sultan and established the Tughlaq Dynasty under the name of Ghiyaas-Ud-Din Tughlaq.

The Sultan envisioned to build 52 gates within the walls of the Tughlaqabad Fort but unfortunately only 13 gates are visible and partially in ruins. The main entrance point is designed in the Pathan style in a sloping shape made of red sandstone that beautifully merges with the Fort towers. Later, this place was abandoned after the untimely demise of the Sultan and his son, Muhammed Bin Tughlaq moved the capital to Daulatabad and later returned to Delhi to re-build his capital and hence creating the fourth City named 'Jahan Panah'.

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