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Haveli Neharwali

The Naharwali Haveli, also spelled as 'Neharwali Haveli', lies at the Kucha Saad-ul-lah Khan Mohalla in Daryaganj, Old Delhi. It is easily accessible by local taxis and auto rickshaws and even via Metro Link with Chawri Bazaar Metro Station as the nearest link. From the Metro station many cycle rickshaws are available to travel to this Haveli at reasonable rates. Initially you might find difficulty in locating this place however; the closest landmark is the lane that passes along the rear end of the Golcha Cinema Hall in Daryaganj.

The Neharwali Haveli which means 'Mansion near the Canal' belonged to the family of General Pervez Musharraf, the former President of Pakistan. General Musharraf was born on 11th August 1943 in this Haveli before Independence and Partition and spent his initial four years here. His grandfather, Qazi Mohtashim-Ud-Din was the Deputy Collector of Revenue with the Government of India and born in Delhi. After his retirement as the Commissioner of Punjab, he acquired the Naharwali Haveli that was once a part of the Old walled City of Delhi also known as 'Shahjahanabad' during the Mughal era and the reign of Emperor ShahJahan.

The Haveli was once seen with High Ceilings, Large Courtyard and Arched Doorways and Corridors that was residence of the Vazir or Minister in Court of Emperor Bahadur Shah Zafar, the last Moghal Emperor of India who lived through the 19th Century. Vazir, also spelled as 'Wazir' or 'Vizier' were high ranked political and religious figures and also the advisors and Ministers of the Persian Empire or Muslim Sultans depending on who ruled the city. In fact, in his memoirs, General Musharraf recalled having fallen down from a Mango Tree near his Mansion where he encountered a direct experience with Death having injured himself very badly.

Post Independence of India and Pakistan including the partition, the family of General Musharraf migrated to Pakistan and his father; Sayed Musharraf-ud-din joined the Foreign Office of the Government of Pakistan as an Accountant and later was successively promoted till he finally retired as a Director and his mother, Zarin Musharraf, serviced to help support the family post immigration and later retired too from the Islamabad Agency of the United Nations. His father had graduated from Aligarh University in Delhi and mother had completed her Master's Degree in 1944 from Lucknow University.

After the Musharraf Family settled in Pakistan, Pervez attended the Saint Patrick's School in Karachi and completed his former education in 1958. He then did his graduation from the Forman Christian College in Lahore and later married Sehba from Okara. Their son, Bilal Musharraf graduated from Stanford University and works in the Silicon Valley while their daughter, Ayla Raza works in Karachi as an Architect.

Later, Pervez Musharraf became an important political figure in Pakistan and served as the Chief Pakistani Army Staff between 1998 and 2007 and in the interim he also served as the 10th President of Pakistan between 2001 and 2008.

Though the partition had caused great remorse to many who had to survive through and after migration, the ancestral Naharwali Haveli of the Musharraf family was left deserted and is seen in a dilapidated state converted today as a commercial and residential complex. It has lost its charm and grandeur that once served as the cultural hub of Muslim culture, etiquette and traditions. Today, it is being occupied by more than five families and tucked away amidst the narrow lanes and crowded alleys of Old Delhi.

Heritage walks for tourists and visitors are also organised by various Travel Agencies that conduct tours in and around the Neharwali Haveli between 0730 hours and 1130 hours, however, you can also visit this place on your own preferably between 1000 hours and 1800 hours when the shops are opened.

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