List of Museums of Delhi

Field Museum

The Field Museum is located within the confines and the main gate of Old Fort or 'Purana Quila' also spelled as 'Purana Qila' on Mathura Road in New Delhi. It showcases the ancient historical and significant elements of India that reflects our deeply valued cultural Heritage. It is easily accessible by local transport and Metro Rail with Pragati Maidan or Central Secretariat as the nearest point to de-board.

Field Museum homes a range of findings that were excavated by the Archaeological Survey of India between 1950 and 1970 like relics and Grey ware Pottery dating back to 1000 BC. These findings of such ancient artefacts confirm that the Old Fort was constructed over the first ancient city of Delhi named 'Indraprastha' dating back to the Mahabharata era. This museum also has a collection of rare items like various artefacts, terracotta images and figures and stone sculpted figures, wine bottles and 16th Century porcelain chinaware, glaze-ware and ancient seals, all belonging to the Mughal period.

The Field Museum displays other findings that provide evidence of local existence dating between the 4th Century BC and the 19th Century AD. A few items excavated were ancient coins dating back to the Sunga period who ruled between 200 BC and 100 BC, objects like terracotta craft work dating back to the Mauryan era which is 300 BC, red coloured earthen-ware belonging to the Kushan era, Coins belonging to the Rajput era and Muhammad Tughlaq era and a few artefacts that date backs from the Chandragupta period to the Delhi Sultanate period.

The Field Museum receives many visitors and tourists from across the globe. They enjoy and admire the rich culture and heritage wealth of India. This small museum takes you through a walk along the pre-historic and medieval time of India that probably would have been lost if they were never found or discovered by ASI.

Visiting hours of the Field Museum are from 1000 hours to 1700 hours from Saturdays to Thursdays. Entry charges are included along with the entry fee into the Old Fort which is INR 5.00 for Indian Citizens, INR 100.00 for all foreigners and INR 1.00 for Indian students. Photography within the Museum is prohibited and prior permission is required to be obtained from the authorities available at the Old Fort Reception Office, however, video filming and camera usage outside the museum is allowed for a charge of INR 25.00 per camera.

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