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Indian Air Force (IAF) Indoor Gallery

As you enter the Air Force Museum, the Indoor gallery welcomes the visitors into different sections ranging from the Roll of Honour, Air Chiefs, IAF Operations, Martyrs and Uniform Sections. One of the walls adds a tremendous pride to all Indians which showcases two huge statue of Flight Officer Nirmaljit Singh Sekhon remembered for his bravery in the Indo-Pak 1971 conflict battle and Wing Commander Rakesh Sharma who is known to be the first Air Force Cosmonaut in India.

The Model gallery section displays all the aircraft models, mementos, shields, swords, medals and plaques awarded to Indian Air Force Officers from the Foreign Delegates that visit India. A few aircrafts seen are just life size models that were used by the IAF Officers and the aircrafts like Dragon Rapide and Pussmoth which are obsolete models are presented to visitors only in their miniature forms. Other aircrafts seen in the model format are the Airspeed Ixford, Caribou, De Havill Devon C-47 Dakota, DHC-4, Hawker Hurricane, Hawker Audax and HS Avro-748. Showcase-II displays a stunning Sword on display here was given to Air Chief Marshal S. K. Kaul by Commander of the Oman Royal Air Force.

A model of Soyuz spaceship is also seen on display that was piloted by Wg. Cdr. Rakesh Sharma along with Russian Officers, Col. Yurie Malysheu and Gennadi Strekalor. The original spaceship lifted to space on 4th April 1984 and returned to earth on 11th April 1984 successfully. On display is a model of Vijay Stambh of Chittorgarh that was given by the Chief Minister of Rajasthan to Squadron Leader Rakesh Sharma on 29th May 1984 and another one seen is a model of a beautiful boat that was given by the Defence Meteorological Research Laboratory to wing Commander Ravish Malhotra on 2nd June 1984.

The Air Chiefs Gallery displays a plethora of pictures and photographs of all the Indian Air Force Chiefs and Staff there were a part of the IAF since its inception on 8th October 1932 up till 1954. A beautiful and impeccably carved memento of a Patton Tank Model made of pure Brass that was awarded to Air Chief Marshal Arjun Singh by General J. N. Chaudhari is also displayed in this section. The Martyred galleries welcomes visitors to a huge wall of fame dedicated to all the IAF personnel who laid their lives during the various battles and conflicts faced by the country including those personnel who were killed in action while they were supporting the frontline officers from the backend operations section which is also an integral part of any Military Services without which no battle or war can be won. A brief description of all these frontline and backend personnel and the incident under which they were martyred are also captured below each photograph. Martyrs gallery-I is dedicated to all the staff who were killed in action during the conflicts of 1947, 1962 and 1965 operations while the Martyrs gallery-II is dedicated to all the staff that were martyred during the 1971 Indo-Pak battle, Saichen Conflict and the recent Kargil Operations.

As you move further, you face the IAF or Indian Air Force Operations Photo Gallery where you get to browse through one section of the wall of photographs dedicated to the combat and action that occurred during the 1971 Indo-Pak war displaying a GNAT and Hunter Aircraft setting a Pakistan enemy target ablaze While the other section displays the peacemaking process between both the countries showcasing Lt. General Niazi from Pakistan signing the surrender papers accepted by General Jagjit Singh Arora of the IAF. A picture of an ace pilot, Flight Lt. Indra Lal Roy, who fought bravely during World War-I is also displayed in this gallery.

The Uniforms Gallery section displays a row of mannequins dressed in the different types of official uniforms worn by the Indian Air Force Officers and Staff ranging from their working uniforms, Pilot's gear to their Mess Uniforms since the inception of IAF from 1932 onwards.

The Weapons Showcase section displays a range of arms and weapons used in 1940s by the Pathan army, the Pathan Rifles, Stenguns, revolver, Pistols, Japani Talwar (Sword), Dutch Sword and the American sub-machine guns used by SSG Para-troopers. There is a wide range of AK-47 and other weapons displayed under this section that were used by the PAF during the 1971 Indo-Pak conflict. These weapons and arms were either surrendered or ceased by the Indian Military Forces during and after Pakistan lost the Indo-Pak War and surrendered to India. On display are two Swords, one that was presented to Air Chief Marshal O. P. Mehra by Bhutan and the other by the Chief Minister of Punjab, Shri Darbara Singh. A Sword Stick was also presented to him in 1983 by the Sherohi Ruler.

There is also a life size model of the Apollo Lunar module of the United States of America seen on display within the hanger which was successfully commanded from the earth to the moon and back by two American Astronauts named Neil Armstrong and Edwin Aldrin on 21st July 1969.

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