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Tibet House Museum

The Tibet House Museum is situated at 1, Institutional Area on Lodi Road in New Delhi. A prominent landmark adjacent to this museum is the Indian Habitat Centre which is easily accessible by local transport and from Pragati Maidan Metro Station. This Museum homes all the information and resource in relation to Tibet including its History, Arts, Culture, Heritage and Traditional attributes.

The Tibet House Museum was established in 1965 which houses a wide collection of priceless artefacts and relics carried by Tibetan refugees who gifted them to His Holiness Dalai Lama after he fled from Tibet during the Chinese Force Aggression which are seen preserved here. Some objects displayed here were also handmade by the Tibetan Communities in India and gifted to the museum as a tribute to H. H. Dalai Lama. Despite efforts of the Museum authorities to preserve these rare masterpieces from Tibet, a few artefacts are still believed to have been sold to Avid Collectors and hence remain unknown to the population.

The main objective and aim of the Tibet House Museum is to preserve the rich Tibetan Heritage of its past in order for the present to relish and admire the cultural wealth. This museum strives to keep the Tibetan youth interested in their historical heritage and also organises various exhibitions for this purpose.

The Tibet House Museum showcases over 200 invaluable Thangka Painting Rolls of Buddha dating back to the 15th Century which belonged to the Monasteries in Tibet, 140 Copper Statues, Sandalwood, Gilded Bronze, antique jewellery, Figurines of Lord Buddha, Musical Instruments, Wooden Sculptures painted in vibrant colours, ancient carpets, old currency notes, household accessories and objects and Tibetan Ritual Items are all seen on display.

The Museum has a Library and Resource Centre that stores an array of 3,000 rare Tibetan Manuscripts, Books on the Culture of Tibet and on Buddhism and over 1,500 books in English; all for reference purposes which is a perfect place that allows Scholars, Students and History enthusiasts to study and research during their free time. This Library was renovated in 2003 and upgraded to accommodate the new Resource centre with air conditioning, online catalogue and photocopy facilities and also to store a collection of CDs, DVDs along with audio, visual and aural facilities. All important Dharma Texts were archived electronically and a new technology of printing commentaries of Buddhist Scholars from Tibet on a Woodblock also known as 'Pecha' is available. This centre also installed a Palri Parkhang Software onto their digital library which allows the museum authorities to repair, locate and print over 2,000 volumes of Tibetan texts within a few minutes. The conference hall within this Museum complex can accommodate various Lectures, Seminars, Commentaries, Film Shows and many events relating to Tibet while the Bookshop allows visitors to purchase a range of books published on topics relating to Tibet and its people. On the ground Floor of the museum, there is a souvenir shop which offers clothes, jewellery, Handicrafts, small objects and medicines from Tibet for sale.

The Tibet House Museum also organises various Tibetan Art works, Lectures on Padmapani and the ancient Dharma Texts, Seminars on Monastic Dialogue, exhibitions, Music, Folk Dance and workshops on various topics and themes based on Tibet, its lifestyle, Culture, Heritage and People. It is opened to visitors for a small entry fee of INR 10.00 per head between 0930 hours and 1730 hours from Mondays to Fridays as it remains closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Tibetan National Holidays. It is advisable to check the Tibetan Holiday Calendar before you decide to visit this museum in order to avoid any disappointments.

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