List of Tombs in Delhi

Chini-ka-Burj and Bai Kodaldai's Tomb

Chini-ka-Burj is a small mosque situated on the western wall of a Baoli (Step Well). This Baoli is considered very sacred and as a part of the Shrine or Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia as it was constructed by this Mystic Sufi Saint.

During the reign of the Tughlaq Dynasty, Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia had taken a few workers to construct his Dargah as well as the Baoli. It was around the same time when Ghiyath Al-Din Tughlaq, the reigning Sultan of the Sultanate of Delhi was getting his new city 'Tughlaqabad' constructed. The Sultan needed all the skilled workers and Labourers to work towards expediting the completion of his City and also ordered the workers hired by Hazrat Nizamuddin to stop all their current work and concentrate on building the Fort. The workers obeyed the Sultan's order however; they would quietly work on completing the Dargah and Baoli throughout the night.

Ghiyas Ud-Din Tughlaq learnt about the workers' activities and completely prohibited the sale of oil in order to stop the construction work of the Dargah and Baoli. Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia pacified his men and used the water from the Baoli in the lamps which miraculously lit up at night and hence the work was completed. Hence, even today, the Baoli is revered as sacred and deemed to have curative properties.

The Chini-ka-Burj that lies next to the sacred Baoli has three compartments pierced with an arched opening. The name literally means 'Tower of Tiles' and the name originated from the design of the Mosque which depicts extensive usage of coloured tiles on the interior walls as well as the Upper Chamber. This Mosque was constructed during the reign of Sikander Lodi and hence displays the typical Lodi architectural style.

Another Tomb lies next to the Baoli which belongs to a lady named Bai Kodaldai who may have either been associated with the Imperial Courts of the Sultan or was one of the most favoured and loved wet nurses of the Ruler or his children or an ardent follower of the Sufi Saint to receive such an honour of having her own Tomb next to the Sacred Shrine and Baoli of Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia. These are just speculations as there is no evidence to the true identity of this Lady in the History books nor is there any inscription or epitaph written on her Tomb to identify her person. The Tomb sits within a small pavilion made of marble with a vaulted Roof and pierced with three arched openings. Despite the fact that the history of Bai Kodaldai is unknown, this Tomb lends an architectural delight to the area.

Tourists and Visitors can enjoy a view of the Baoli, Chini-Ka-Burj as well as the Tomb of Bai Kodaldai on any day from early morning hours up till evenings. Entry fee is currently not applicable; however, this may change due to the upcoming Commonwealth Games in October 2010. Tourists are required to fetch prior information on any charges including Entry Fee, Photography as well as Video Filming Charges from the Tourism Office or their respective Tour Operators and Guides.

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