List of Tombs in Delhi

Khan-I-Jahan's Tomb - Tomb of Malik Maqbul Khan

The Tomb of Malik Maqbul Khan is situated on the north western edge of Hazrat Nizamuddin Village. This was in fact the first Tomb in Delhi to be constructed in the shape of an Octagon. The Tomb belongs to Malik Maqbul also known as Khan-i-Jahan Maqbul Tilangani who was the Wazir or Prime Minister in the Imperial Courts of Sultan Feroz Shah Tughlaq of the Tughlaq Dynasty who ruled over Delhi between 1351 AD and 1388 AD. Before being appointed as the Wazir, he was a Commander of the Warangal Fort in Andhra Pradesh.

The Design of the Tomb of Khan-i-Jahan Maqbul Khan had inspired many architects of the latter Dynasties but mainly the Sayyid and the Lodi Dynasty. Most of the structures, Monuments and Tombs there were constructed during the Sayyid and Lodi Dynasty displays this typical Octagonal shape and hence the Tomb of Khan-i-Jahan holds a significant place in the history of architecture of the city. In fact this design was imitated from the architectural styles seen in Multan but with a slightly variant pattern as seen in the Tomb of Shah Rukn-i Alam which is situated in Multan.

The Tomb of Khan-i-Jahan is in ruins; however, the central chamber dressed with an imposing dome and built in the octagonal shape is clearly visible but is unfortunately covered with moss, dirt and grass. The Chamber walls are considerably thick and enclosed by a veranda which supports a parapet wall furnished with crenels while a slanted stone emblem or 'Chajja' runs beneath it and encases all the sides of this structure. Each side of the central chamber is pierced with three arched openings wherein the central arch is crowned with an ornamental vault that gives this Tomb an ethereal Tughlaq Dynasty appeal.

The southern facade of the Tomb of Malik Maqbul Khan acts as the entrance point into the chamber mainly through the central arched opening. The western wall of the chamber houses a Mihrab set in a stepped hollow and steps leading to the main crypt or grave below runs along this wall itself which can also be accessed from a doorway inside this crypt chamber. A huge Stone coffin seen in a rectangular shape sits on a two tiered raised platform at the centre of the chamber just beneath the dome.

Tourists can view this partially ruined Tomb on any day from mornings up till evenings free of charge with no photography or video filming charges.

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