List of Tombs in Delhi

Tombs near Hazrat Nizamuddin Complex

The Dargah of Hazrat Nizamuddin Auliya Complex is not only filled with several Tombs of Nobles and Sufi Saints; however, a few also surround its precincts. These Tombs are situated in the Nizamuddin Village area itself which is also known as the ancient 14th Century Market area mostly crowded with people all year round and known as one of the busiest areas in Delhi. It is in fact very close to the famous Humayun’s Tomb which makes it easily approachable via local taxis, buses and auto rickshaws.

The Area of Nizamuddin is divided into two sections named Nizamuddin West and Nizamuddin East. These are the colonies of South Delhi that are situated just across Hazrat Nizamuddin Railway Station which is one of the most active Railway Stations in Delhi after New Delhi and Old Delhi Railway Stations.

The Colonies of Nizamuddin were named after the world renowned Mystic and Sufi Saint named Hazrat Nizamuddin where the Shrine or Dargah is located. Nizamuddin West is in fact a posh colony and is divided into Blocks. The Colony can be accessed from an entry point near the Mathura Road Petrol Pump. The Colony is also flanked with numerous Parks that adds a green and fresh aura to this area. The Residential Welfare Association or ‘RWA’ of Nizamuddin is in fact ensuring that this area is more secure and peaceful for the residents. On the contrary the Nizamuddin ‘Basti’ or ‘Village’ which lies close by is one of the busiest areas near South Delhi.

Nizamuddin East located on Mathura Road is also a posh residential colony but more upscale than Nizamuddin West. It houses the famous Humayun's Tomb and is known as one of the most greenest and peaceful areas in Delhi. The Colony is divided into several blocks with approximately 286 residents including the Jaipur Estate and a small branch of the Arya Samaj. It is also dotted with 32 lush green Public Parks, a few Groceries Shops, a small eatery joint, a Cafe, an Internet Cafe and Telephone facility, a Pharmacy, a Tailor and a Beauty Salon. The RWA has also established a Community Centre where residents are provided with sports facilities for a reasonable membership fee. Eminent and Political Personalities like the Chief Minister of Delhi, Election Commissioner, an Artist, Member of Parliament and a famous Hotelier reside within the Nizamuddin East Colony itself. Numerous Expats also reside in this Colony including Mark Tully who is a famous BBC journalist residing in Nizamuddin East with his girlfriend.

The Tombs that lie close to Hazrat Nizamuddin Aulia Dargah Complex are listed below;

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