Aamir makes shocking revelation at Delhi event.

Aamir Khan was in the capital recently for an event and interacted with the media to reveal his future plans.

He announced that he will not take up any acting projects for the next one to one and a half years.

First Break From Acting

Next Project

Aamir will now merely produce 'Champions.' He has given up the lead role in the film to take a break from acting.

“When I am doing a film as an actor, I get so lost in that that nothing else happens in my life… I want to take a break, be with my family, with my mom, my kids.”

Aamir Khan

"I was supposed to do a film after Laal Singh Chaddha called Champions. It’s a wonderful script, a beautiful story, and it’s a very heartwarming and lovely film."

Aamir Khan.

First Acting Break

This is his first break from acting in 35 Years to be with his family.

Why the sudden break?

This may appear sudden but he also expressed his regret over not spending enoung time with his family on his last appearnce in Kofee with Karan.

Aamir's Next Film 

Aamir’s fans can watch him in a cameo appearance in Salaam Venky starring Kajol. The film will release in December.

Aamir's Last Film

Aamir was last seen in 'Laal Singh Chadda' the remake of the classic 'Forest Gump.' It did not do so well at the box office.