Book Lovers Unite! Best Spots for Book lovers in Delhi!

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Want to explore amazing spots for your next read in Delhi? We've got you covered. Here are some amazing places you can visit.


Indulge in some incredible quiche and shakes at Cha Bar. It is attached to Oxford Bookstore where you can choose from a variety of books. It is in CP and Noida.

Cha Bar & Oxford Bookstore

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The Reader's Cafe

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With comfy and quiet ambience, this cafe is a good place to read a nice book. It is located in Ghaziabad.

Cafe Green

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Love nature? Blend in with the forest-y vibe at Cafe Green. It is situated in CR Park and the vibe is very soothing. It is really refreshing with their different cuisines and more.

Located in West Patel Nagar, it is a beautiful cafe where you can get lost in a plethora of books. From Austen to Gaiman, they have it all. 

May Day Cafe and Bookstore

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When in South Delhi, visiting The Brew Room is a must! With fresh coffee bean aroma lingering, you'd fall in love with this place. It is in SDA market.

Open Hands

The Brew Room

Jugmug Thela 

Open Hands

Indulge in some nice Vietnamese food and equally nice books at Jugmug Thela. It will indeed make your soul 'jugmug'. It is in Saket. 

So, what is stopping you? Grab a book and relish every page and dish at these fun spots!