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Palm Tree

The National Green Tribunal charges a private company of Rs. 10 crore compensation

The private company has been accused of illegally felling 500 trees, over an area of five acres of Aravali land in Faridabad

The compensation was charged at Rs. 10 crores by valuing each tree at Rs. 2 lakh by the NGT bench comprising higher authority officials.

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The petition was filed by a local resident of Faridabad against Hyderabad based real-estate firm.

The petitioner alleged that the realtor did not stop felling of the forest area, even after having a FIR filed against them.

The FIR was lodged at the Suraj Kund Police Station on 10 January 2020.

The forest departments allege the case as the highest violation ever made.

The total number of trees found cut included 448 undersize miscellaneous trees, 43 miscellaneous species trees and 1 safeda tree. 

NGT stated that starting from 14 November, afforestation and other measures will be taken along with Project Proponent to restore the area.