Delhi Air Pollution: Air Quality shifts from 'very poor' to 'poor'.

People saw slight respite after the air quality shifted from 'very poor' to 'poor'.

 Delhi experienced 'poor' air quality and a minimum temperature of 8 degrees Celsius, the lowest so far this year.

 At 9 am, the Air Quality Index (AQI) of the capital was 238.

What is the cause of this pollution in the city?

The geography: Delhi is located on a level plain bordered by the Himalayas, obstructing airflow. The air particles get trapped in winter.

Post Diwali: The festival of lights can leave smoke after bursting crackers.

Factories & Construction: They leave smoky residue into the air.

Crop Burning: Farmers burn the leftover stubble from the crops, which leads to an enormous amount of smoke emitted.

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