The 'Real' Story behind Shefali Shah Starrer Delhi Crime Season 2

Delhi Crime is one of the hottest Indian Netflix Original titles and features Bollywood icon Shefali Shah as an elite police officer. Season 1 was a huge hit and naturally, its season 2 was eagerly awaited by many. 

Season 1 was based on the Nirbhaya Case. What is the inspiration behind season 2? Lets find out!!

The 5 episode long second season of Delhi Crime draws inspiration from "Kachcha Baniyan Gang" infamous in the 1990s in Delhi.  Season 2 talks about a copycat gang targeting senior citizes.

The Kachcha Baniyan Gang operated in the northern parts of the country in the 1990s. They wore only undergarments, oiled their bodies and weapons like axes etc. to target victims.

The story of Delhi Crime Season 2 draws inspiration from real events but is a gripping fictional tale. It uses the crimes of the gang of the 90's as t a starting point.

Delhi Crime Season 2 tells the story of the team led by DCP Vartika Chaturvedi, played by Shefali Shah. In the series, the copycat Kachcha Baniyan Gang attacks the elderly in Delhi and loots them. The gang is led by a female saloon attendant who aspires for a better life.

Season 2 uses the gangs modus operandi. But it also showcases other key elements like the growing divide between the haves and have not's, preconceived notions about certain groups & the difficulty in maintaining an ethical boundary.

Season 2 is an eye opener for all citizens. It teaches us to be more sensitive to the people around us by showing how each on is struggling while performing their duties.

The real story is as narrated in  “Moon Gazer”, the 7th chapter from former Delhi police officer Neeraj Kumar’s book Khaki Files.

13 cases were solved by Kumar and his colleagues, and the gang was apprehended. "We dispatched a police party, and they were all apprehended. We were able to crack nearly 13 related cases including murder and home invasions when they were interviewed, he claimed.