Famous Influencers from New Delhi

Here are your favourite influencers who are from Delhi:

Dolly Singh

She is a laugh riot when it comes to her videos. She rose to fame through her comical videos and is even seen in a toothpaste commercial

The queen of comedy and a fashion diva, Kusha is known for her 'South Delhi girls' gigs and more. 

Kusha Kapila

A fashion model who broke the barriers of toxic masculinity, Sid Batra paved way to new fashion sense for men, NB folks, trans men and  more. 

Siddharth Batra

India's top fashion diva who knows how to zhuzh things up with her outfit. Komal has a unique fashion taste that has attracted millions of people. 

Komal Pandey

Khurana goes by the handle  @thatbohogirl. She won the Cosmopolitan Award '22 for her elite fashion sense & hosts a podcast 'whatisupsister' , along with her sister.

Kritika Khurana

Ankush is known for his funny & relatable reels. He also does makeup tutorials on his other IG page @wingitwithankush.

Ankush Bahuguna

She is a beauty blogger and gives great fashion advice to her followers.

Roshni Bhatia